Listen & View "Future Molecular POC"

Our First Online Webinar I September 29, 2009



  • Molecular diagnostic methods are changing the face of diagnostic microbiology, but until recently have been cumbersome and complicated. 

  • Now more capable, simpler molecular diagnostic platforms promise to move molecular diagnostics to the point of care. 

  • This presentation will explore the:

    • Possibilities for molecular point-of-care testing;

    • Basics of molecular methods, and the prospects and

    • Challenges of moving molecular diagnostics to the point of care.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the basic work-flow of molecular diagnostic testing. 

  • Describe some major amplification and detection methods

  • Distinguish between real-time and non-real-time molecular methods

  • Recognize the properties of an analyte that make it a candidate for molecular testing

  • Recognize emerging molecular diagnostic platforms that may be usable at point-of-care

  • Describe unique quality issues in molecular diagnostics which impact their use at point of care


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