First Organizational Meeting of the
Central Florida POC Network

Wednesday, January 21, 2004 9am-11:30am



  • Linda Ackerman

  • Janice Scroggie Anderson

  • Lindy Bauer

  • Marie Carlin

  • Frank Leese

  • Martha Mitchell

  • Carol Robinson

  • Edwina Szelag

  • Herald Waldon  

Vendors attendees:

  • Debbie Williams (iSTAT)

  • Kit McElwain (MAS)

  • Dan Benson (Roche)  



The core group decided adopt a committee structure and nominated Co-Chairpersons rather than President, Vice President etc.   

Co-Chairpersons for the Central Florida POC Network are:

  • Mary Jo Grodsky of Orlando Regional Health Care Systems

  • Edwina Szelag of Health-First Inc.

There was a brief discussion of treasurer for the group, however, not finalized at this time.  Janice Scoggie Anderson, Lakeland Regional, was suggested to be treasurer due to her experience with this type of position with the Florida Coalition.  Janice will also be a liaison for the group with the Florida Coalition.   Discussion of collection of dues or any registration fees for events was tabled at this time. A Secretary/ Recorder for the meetings will also be rotational.

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  • Topics, speakers, locations, sponsors, registration, etc.

  • The core group will be meeting via conference calls on a monthly basis to discuss and share the responsibilities for larger meetings and events.  Calls will be on the 4th Friday of each month from 10 am- 11am.

  • First call will be Friday, February 27th 10-11 am.

  • Group also discussed “network’’ meetings to be held 3 times per year.  These will perhaps consist of ½ day meetings, attendance/presence at Florida Coalition Meetings and the East Coast Educational Conference. 

  • Marie Carlin from Leesburg has offered to provide the location for the groups first “network’ meeting.  This will consist of a speaker and roundtable discussions.  The tentative date is Friday, April 2nd from 10-am-2pm.    This will need to be confirmed on our first conference call.   All core members are willing to assist with contacting speakers for events.   Edwina Szelag will provide further detail and planning for the October Educational conference that has been held on the East Coast in Cocoa Beach.

  • Martha Mitchell from Villages Regional also offered to assist with speakers for any of the meetings.

  • The group decided it would be beneficial to coordinate events with various groups such as the new Jacksonville group for future network meetings/offerings.  

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  • Develop a group database to stay in touch with members - survey them, ask them what topics or issues are most important to them.

  • Herald Waldon, Florida Hospital has offered to assist the group with communication of information.  A current list of email and contact information on the core group was collected.  Further contact and updates on other interested Coordinators in the area should be forwarded to Herald in an Excel format.  Try to include email addresses, phone number and hospital address.  The information will then be coordinated with Steve Valorz of MAS.  Steve is the webmaster for  and will be responsible for posting on the web site once received from us.  The Website for POCC groups can be found at 


  • There will be a separate list of core group email for organizational/meeting information. A separate email group containing the larger network email database for members will be created.  Email as well as hard copy to announce events will be used for the Network.

  • Dan, from Roche and Kit McElwain from MAS will be looking into information on Tax ID # for the group as well as information to set up a number for conference calls.   Dan has agreed to help sponsor the first conference call and will work with Herald on this.

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  • Meet regularly, i.e. Spring/March and Fall/October?

  • Group discussed meeting frequencies:

  1. Monthly- Core Group

  2. Early Spring- ½ Meeting (network meeting)

  3.  Florida Coalition meeting.  (May 6-8th, 2004) (network meeting)

  4. Fall- Educational Seminar, continue with East Coast already in process. (network meeting)

  • Conference calls with the core group will be scheduled monthly.  Co-Chairs, Edwina and Mary Jo will coordinate agenda topics.  Agenda will be posted prior to the meetings for the group.

  • Further meeting of the core group will be scheduled as needs arise.

  • The group decided to hold meetings  / gather three times per year.

  • The first will be a Speaker/Roundtable meeting in April in Leesburg. Suggested topic for the first meeting is Point of Care Coagulation.

  • Herald Waldon has offered to contact Dr. Randall / Dr. Frances to present.

  • Tentative structure for the 1/2 day meeting will be to have a 1hour business meeting from 10-11am followed by a 1 hour CEU from 11am-12pm, Lunch from 12p-1p and Roundtable discussions 1p-2p.  2 topics will be decided upon for round table discussions with facilitators for each group.  Attendees will be able to swap and sit in on both.  Suggested Topics for roundtable.  POCT Coagulation, POCT 101

  • Marie Carlin volunteered to facilitate one of the groups.  Edwina will facilitate the other.

  • The Florida Coalition will be meeting this year in Ft. Lauderdale.  The Central Florida POCC Network will work to provide those in attendance information on this group and upcoming events.  (Date for the Coalition meeting is May6-8th, 2004).  While it is too late to do a formal program for this year, the goal will be to provide a forum for POCC’s during the 2005 Florida Coalition meeting.   We will have further discussions to organize some type of informational point of contact for POCC at the meeting this year.

  • It was decided by the group to keep the October time frame for a larger educational meeting.  Edwina will continue to work with the group for the Oct 2004 offering.  It will be held in Cocoa Beach for 2004.

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  • A variety of programs will be offered as outlined above.  Would like suggestions for topics from members.

  • Edwina will review the participant surveys from the previous Florida East Coast POCT Conferences and provide the group with the suggestions submitted for future educational speaker topics.  

  • Possible topics to tackle when the organization is strong are:

    • POC Licensure

    • Modifications to the CAP Checklist

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  • Provide meeting sponsorship of speakers, refreshment breaks and lunches door prizes and more.

  • It was decided that vendor participation would be needed to provide support for meetings.  The core group will coordinate with vendors on these events.

  • For the April 2nd meeting in Leesburg, Roche will assist with the refreshments.  

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