Minutes from Our March 11, 2005
Meeting Held at ORMC!

Mary Jo Grodsky (left) and Edwina Szelag welcomed a room full of attendees
Welcome / Introduction
  • Each member of the steering committee introduced themselves
    • Steering Committee introduced themselves and gave history for new members
    • Herald Waldon/Steve Valorz (MAS) set up the first meeting in order to create a network for Central Florida POCC
    • It was a merge from the group that was loosely started 4 yrs ago with the POC Conference which was Florida East Coast originally.
Mission of the Network

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  • Networking and Education

    • Network for issues/problems/concerns/education

    • Regular education sessions given around Central Florida area 3-4 times a year


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  • Structure (steering committee, Network)
    • Steering Committee

      • MaryJo Grodsky

      • Edwina Szelag

      • Herald Walden

      • Janice Anderson

      • Marie Carlin


    • New in network ? – fill out forms for info to be shared

  • Programs (networking meetings, CEU’s, roundtables)
  • Communication (WEB page, email, mailings)
    • WEBSITE: www.pointofcare.net - from main page click on ‘POC meeting groups’
      select Central Florida
    • Planning regular meetings and would like additional members to sponsor meetings at their facilities or to help other members at their sites. Have had great support from vendors. A mixer is scheduled for during the AACC Meeting in Orlando on July 28, following the meeting we have an AFTER GLOW event.
    • It will be a vendor supported event – JoLindy Daniels, Amy McKinney, Christopher Fetters and Steve Valorz are helping in the planning of the event.
  • Division of Tasks among steering committee members
    • Ss we grow may need to add additional committees / members
  • Recruitment
    • Need steering committee
    • Network members
AACC Update

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  • Tax ID # for AFTERGLOW event

    • Need a Tax ID in order to collect $ from vendors for AFTERGLOW event

      Christopher Fetters has been an advisor in options we may have. Questions remain:

      Do we Incorporate or not? Initial capital and dues would have to be collected so that $ can be used for expenses. Treasury will need to be established in order to report $$ to IRS. By Laws will need to be written. Concern was whether support was there to continue a not for profit organization. No real support from members present for this step.

      Apply for a Temporary ID #? Would need some initial capital for paperwork. Committee not sure what all is needed for temporary ID# - needs to be investigated further. Edwina, Linda Matthews, and Francine Abbott- Hoepelman to investigate through close sources.

      Use Tax ID from FCPLO? – Janice and Edwina  to pursue whether PCPLO can accommodate request. Will add FCPLO logo to handouts and banners. Strict records will need to be kept (copies of checks etc.).

Next Meeting

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  • Oct.18, 2005 (?)
    • If not at Cape Canaveral Hospital then it may be at Holmes Regional.
    • Night before get together and discounted hotel room to be determined. More information later.
  • Open discussion
    • None – adjourned for roundtable discussions

If you're involved in point of care testing (either in the lab or as a vendor), and would like to be added to our database, please click on the link below and provide your contact information to be added to the 2004 meeting schedule mailing list: Central Florida POC Network.

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