LAPOC Officers


Aryanna Ngo, BSMT

Tulane Medical Center

New Orleans, LA


Vice President

Erica Smith

Women's Hospital

Lafayette, LA


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Wednesday, May 15


Topic to be detemined


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Wednesday, December 11


"Detecting Sepsis via Molecular Testing
using a Hybrid POCT/Core Lab Approach'


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LAPOC Mission Statement: The mission of the LAPOC network is to partner with other POC professionals while supporting all diversities of POC which may include physicians, nurses, lab, information technology, and ancillary staff. We support and maintain the integrity of the POC coordinators goal which is to provide accurate testing at the POC while meeting the accrediting agencies requirements. We will provide a forum for an open exchange of program practices, ideas, adherence to regulatory guidelines, interpretation of accreditation requirements and performance improvement projects.