Chairperson: Carol Pagliaro Secretary: Rick Lambert NYCPOC Home



Meeting Minutes

  • Wednesday, October 4, 2006

  • 1:00 p.m.

  • Roosevelt Hospital Winston Conference Room


In attendance:        

  • Adrienne Stith

  • Veronica Mataprasad

  • John Saviano

  • Sharon McDaniel

  • Cathy Luff

  • Carol Pagliaro

  • Vessie Gonda

  • Lori Marchand

  • Judit Tolnai

  • Sofiya Postelnik

  • Ron Gambardella

  • Belen David

  • Yvrose Saloman



Abbott Precision PCx
Point of Care System is a handheld, easy-to-use whole-blood testing device that provides fast, accurate blood glucose results while virtually eliminating manual entry errors.

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic design with soft keys for handheld comfort and ease

  • Bar-code scanning of data for patient, operator and test virtually eliminates manual entry errors

  • A 2.5 ÁL sample with unique fill-triggered, and automated sample detection verified by audible signal eliminates the need for re-test

  • Customizable for valid operator ID, patient ID, QC pass/fail, and comment/intervention code

  • Utilizes the latest generation of biosensor technology - utilizes glucose specific chemistry that minimizes interference from non-glucose molecules

  • Automated, hands-free, bi-directional communication with the laboratory via web-based point-of-care connectivity and data management system.

Hemocue Glucose 201 DM system consists of a handheld analyzer and docking station, together with proprietary microcuvettes.

Key Features:

  • User Verification: Operator's can be assigned specific levels of access, and a deactivation date can be set for added security

  • Password Protection: Provides a simple and effective form of security, protecting vital functions such as the ability to change settings

  • Patient Identity:  Patient ID can be manually entered or scanned with the built-in barcode scanner

  • Comments and Acceptance:  The operator can attach comments to a result from a user-defined list.  The instrument can be configured to allow the operator to accept or reject results

  • QC Lockout and QC Reminder: Instrument can be set to perform a QC lockout if scheduled QC testing has not been completed.  A reminder appears when the time for a lockout is approaching so that QC testing can be performed in time

  • STAT Testing:  The analyzer can be configured to allow STAT tests even after a QC lockout has occurred

  • Approved Supplies:  To help manage QC procedures, a list of approved cuvette batches and control material, complete with lot numbers and expiration dates can be created and entered into the analyzer.  If cuvettes and control material chosen for use are not compatible with the predefined list, testing is not allowed.

  • Automatic Transfer: When the analyzer is placed in the docking station, all information is sent electronically to a specified PC.

  • Results Processing: Once downloaded, data can be reviewed, approved and reported.

  • Two-way Communication: The test system utilizes a bi-directional interface

LifeScan One Touch Flexx Professional Blood Glucose Monitoring System: uses unique off-meter sample application and a wide range of customizable meter configurations.

Key Features:

  • Commonly preferred default settings have been pre-set so the system can be used right from the box, or it's flexible design allows for  customized meter configurations

  • Intuitive menu-driven touch screen prompts user through patient testing and other procedures, reducing time to train

  • Customizable security lockouts enhance regulatory compliance

  • Optional barcode scanner to read test strip lot numbers and operator/patient IDs saves time and reduces data entry errors

  • On-meter data retrieval gives immediate access to results of all sample types

  • Accommodates multiple bedside meters, and each meter can be individually configured to be used anywhere within an institution

  • Facilitates QC and regulatory compliance with lockouts and warnings to insure meters have been recently tested and are operated by authorized only; and QC data helps monitor operator competence and track certification

  • System messages are fully customizable to an institutions needs, with suggested follow-up actions and information

  • Automatic downloading to LifeScan's DataLink« Data Management System eliminates labor-intensive data collection

Nova Biomedical StatStrip Glucose Monitoring System: incorporates new four well glucose measuring strip technology 

Key Features:

  • Measures and corrects glucose results for varying hematocrit levels

  • Eliminates interferences from maltose, galactose, xylose, icodextrin, oxygen, bilirubin,  acetaminophen, ascorbic acid, and uric acid

  • Fast, 6 second results

  • Small, 1.2 microliter sample

  • Capillary, Venous, or Arterial Sampling

  • Excellent precision and accuracy at hypo- and hyperglycemic levels

  • Simple, color touchscreen operation

  • No calibration codes required because of the patented

  • Multi-Well TM technology provides strict consistency from lot-to-lot

  • Multi-Well strip technology has such a high level of stability and precision that classic laboratory quality control practice can be used

  • Comprehensive point-of-care connectivity and control

Roche Accu-Chek Inform Meter: offers user-friendly, hand-held diabetes monitoring.  It is the only Point of Care glucose system that allows for the entry and automatic transfer of manual test information

Key Features:

  • Customer-driven Design:  A powerful tool that allows proactive management of Point of Care programs

  • Proven Accuracy and Reliability:  Uses Accu-Chek Comfort Curve Test Strips.  The unique strip design makes sampling from capillary, venous or arterial blood easy

  • Fully Customizable: Stores up to 4,000 measurements including time, date, valid operator ID, patient ID list, quality control pass/fail, mandatory comments and critical range messages

  • New Other Test Entry (OTE) functionality: Creates electronic documentation and facilitates cost capture for six common tests.  OTE helps hospitals reduce patient identification errors by utilizing the meter's onboard bar code scanner to capture patient ID numbers

  • Hands-free, bi-directional communication: Designed for network integration with and connection to cobas IT 1000 solution

  • Lancet devices: The Accu-Chek Safe-T-Pro Lancet Portfolio meets OSHA requirements for :safety engineered" needle devices by automatically retracting after use, offering superior infection protection for nursing and patients safety

  • Rechargeable Battery