Carol Pagliaro
Rick Lambert

What’s New in POC STD Testing?

Wednesday, September 14, 2005
Roosevelt Hospital 2nd Floor Conference Room

Meeting Minutes

In Attendance: 
  • Vessie Gonda

  • Sofiya Postelnik

  • Cathy Luff,

  • Judith Tolnai

  • Saundra Simmons

  • May Tso

  • Lori Marchand

  • Jacqueline Ross

  • Carol Pagliaro

  • Rick Lambert


  • Mark Sloan
  • Vince Sigmund
  • Radiometer America



ABL 80 - ABG Analyzer An overview and comparison ABL80 features with the Rapidpoint 405 and GEM Premier 3000
  • ABL80 Sensor cassette sizes: 50, 100 or 200 tests
  • ABL80 solution cartridges: 300 cycles

Size advantage of ABL80:

  • Rapidpoint 405 2.4 times larger
  • GEM Premier 3000 1.7 times larger

Portability Advantage of ABL80:

  • ABL80 weighs 18 lbs.
  • Rapidpoint 405 weighs 34 lbs.
  • GEM Premier 3000 weighs 34 lbs.

Battery Power Availability:

  • ABL80 - Fully operational battery backup
  • Rapidpoint 405 - No battery backup
  • GEM Premier 3000 - No battery backup

Cycle Time:

  • ABL80 - 70 seconds
  • Rapidpoint 405 - 125 seconds
  • GEM Premier 3000 - 190 seconds


  • ABL80 - 20 minutes to testing
  • Rapidpoint 405 - 43 minutes to testing
  • GEM Premier 3000 - 42 minutes to testing

Other features include:

  • Fully automatic Quality Control - provides the advantages of liquid QC by measuring 3 levels of QC at every QC event.  QC events are a minimum of every 8 hours but can be manually configured to require more frequent QC events.

  • Linearity checks are performed with patient samples and between patient samples

  • Continuous system checks are performed every 30 minutes.

  • On-board tutorials

  • Built in barcode reader

  • Safe PICO overview - a closed sample collection system that allows for sample collection to analysis in one system

Sample syringes:

  • are pre-labeled with a barcode

  • include a mixing device

  • include a needle shield device

  • includes a soft tip cap that is self-sealing, allows easy air bubble removal, no blood contact when sample is sealed

  • minimum sample size of 0.5 mL to insure proper sample syringe function

  • utilizes a short bevel needle which allows for optimal blood flow and faster filling

Overall Safety and Speed Improvements

                  Traditional     Safe PICO



Sample         up to 2 mins      auto mix
Mixing           manually           7 secs

Mixing           10% sample      eliminates
Quality          loss due to         redraws
                    poor mixing

Operator        Potential bld      No
Infection        contact with       blood Risk             air bubble         contact

Needlestick     Increase           Decrease
Injuries           risk                  risk

ID mixup        Increased risk    Decrease 
                     of patient  ID      risk

NYS Licensure - Carol Pagliaro Medical technologist licensure include in the Clinical Laboratory Technology Practice Act which will take effect 9/1/06

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Next Meeting February 8, 2005 was selected as next meeting date.