2011 Annual Meeting & Vendor Fair

Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

CEU Instructions

See below or download a PDF or Word document

  1. Open the PACE Credit Link


  2. New User must create an account

  3. Go to:  New user?  Click Create a profile

  4. Complete the contact information  “Register for Mayo Medical Laboratories”

  5. Click Continue

  6. Complete Company information page

  7. Click Continue

  8. Option page is not required to be completed

  9. Click Continue

  10. Review Your Contact Information

  11. Click Complete Registration

  12. You will immediately receive a registration confirmation e-mail and will automatically be returned to the “Sign in to your account” screen

  13. Sign in

  14. In the address bar delete URL

  15. Copy and paste the link below into the address bar and push enter:


  16. Click  Start Evaluation

  17. There is no Evaluation to complete, Click “Save and Continue

  18. Review responses screen click  “Finalize Evaluation

  19. Click  “Generate certificates now

  20. Click check box

  21. Enter Contact hours up to 4.0 hours

  22. Click Save Changes

  23. To generate a certificate:

  24. Click “Select General Certificate” or “PACE Certificate” and print

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