In Case You Missed our September 23rd Webinar...


Summary of our September 23, 2010 Webinar:  Anticoagulants have proven invaluable in treating a variety of serious conditions.  To be most effective, anticoagulant therapy with warfarin requires reliable monitoring of the INR at a prescribed interval to ensure best chances of remaining in therapeutic range. Point of Care PT/INR testing enables the providers to make immediate therapeutic decisions and provide education or intervention when needed.  This presentation will provide information on instrument selection, implementation, billing opportunities and insight into some of the challenges faced with POC versus lab.  Additionally, Patient Self testing (PST) will be discussed with information on the selection and training of patients, reporting process for results received at home and billing opportunities for the provider.


Objectives: After participation in this presentation, the attendee should be able to:

  • Understand the basic criteria for selecting a POC PT/INR device

  • Understand the implementation requirements

  • Provide troubleshooting of POC PT/INR testing

  • Explain the process of Patient Self Testing (PST)


  • Alere, Radiometer, MAS/RALS, Siemens

About our Speaker: 


Sheila Coffman is a former Point of Care Coordinator from University Hospital in San Antonio, Texas.  She transitioned to the industry side of POC working as Director of Clinical Services at QAS, Inc. (an Inverness Medical company). Most of her years in POC have been spent in coagulation supporting professionals and also patients self testing.


Sheila currently serves as a Faculty Advisor for the AACC CPOCT Point of Care Specialist Certificate program and is also working on a CLSI document for Point of Care.


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