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Officers | Mission

Sid Strey

Vice President:
Brittany Hertzog
Centura Health

Katie (Katherine) Alsup
TriCore Reference Labs

Ashlee Tezak
Tricore Reference Labs

Board Members

Kathleen David, MT (ASCP)
Tri Core Reference Labs

Peggy Mann M.S. MT (ASCP) CPP, University of Texas Medical Branch

Steven Lee, MT(ASCP)
Parkland Hospital

Charlie Bismark, MT(ASCP) CPP
Intermountain Healthcare

Melissa Larson, BS MT(ASCP)


Friday, November 12, 2021
12:00 - 3:30pm (Eastern)

Our 2020 Virtual Summit was such a hit...we're doing it again! If you missed last year's program, click here.


The 2021 agenda is below so make plans to join us for a time of learning, catching up and fun in 2021!

Time Topic
12:00pm Welcome
12:05pm Vendor Presentation

“Why are we Tasting Urine Anyway?”  by Sterling Bennett

1:00pm Vendor Presentation

“I’m A Point of Care Coordinator, Not A Teacher!” by Kara Quig

2:00pm Vendor Presentation
2:00pm Rountable Discussion:
Kathleen David, Brittany Herzog, Steven Lee and Peggy Mann
3:15pm Closing
Note: All times are Eastern Standard Time

Check back here for the link to our Zoom Meeting!


Your Contributions will help us continue an 18 Year Tradition!

[Click here to download the 2021 Vendor Registration Form]

As always, thank you in advance for your support!


Please contact SWRPOCG President, Sid Strey (
or Vice President Brittany Hertzog ( 

We’re looking forward to working with you in November!

Group Mission: Point of Care patient testing is the largest expanding laboratory activity in the industry today.  Patients and providers have access to laboratory testing results with short turn around time.  Although these tests are simple, they must be accurate to assure quality patient care.  Educational opportunities for individuals responsible for the administration of Point of Care Testing are limited in the Southwest. With the Southwestern region of the United States serving a large geographical and culturally diverse area, it is our goal to help provide education and networking resources for point of care coordinators and others associated with the point of care industry.   Our goal is to enhance point of care for the patient through education and networking.  Return to Home Page • Last updated:  09/2/2020

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