Spring 2018 Meeting Recap


'Dan the Lab Safety Man' Scungio won the 'blow up the bag' competition
during an icebreaker at the VAPOCC Spring Meeting.

Introduction | Why Knowing Now Matters in the ED

Implementing a Novel POC Test | POCT Options in the HIDU

Officer Elections





Nearly 30 POCCs and laboratorians turned out on Friday, April 20, 2018 at Mary Immaculate Hospital, Health Resource Center, in Newport News for the Spring Meeting of the Virginia POCCs.


Meeting host, and current Virginia POCC President,  Lauren Wheeler from Bon Secours Health System welcomed attendees and provided a brief overview of Mary Immaculate Hospital.



Why Knowing Now Matters in the Emergency Department


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The first presenter of the day was Ellis Jacobs, PhD, DABCC, FAACC, Director, Scientific Affairs, Abbott. 


In his talk, Dr. Jacobs discussed how significant increases in emergency room visits across the US and delays in the ED leads to poor outcomes. There is an association between waiting times and short term mortality and hospital admission. Laboratory turnaround time can impact ED operations and, based on simulation modeling, the best performance is predicted when the TAT is 40 minutes or less.


The needs of every ED are different and this presentation included Emergency Department Facts and Figures; Why knowing now matters for Chest Pain, Why knowing now matters for Sepsis; and Why knowing now matters for Infectious Disease.



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Implementing a Novel

Point-of-Care Test


The next speaker was Marcia L. Zucker, PhD, ZIVD, LLC, who discussed how the idea of introducing additional POC tests in a facility can be daunting. 


There is a lot of confusion surrounding which evaluations and tasks are actually required by CLIA regulations and by accrediting agencies. 


This presentation is intended to address the laundry list of items required by CLIA regulations to allow the compliant, efficient implementation of a POCT.



POCT Options and Decisions in the HIDU


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Following lunch, the final speaker of the day was 'Dan the Lab Safety Man' Scungio, MT (ASCP), SLS, CQA (ASQ).


Dan's talk was very informative and entertaining as he told about how hospitals across the United States quickly organized Highly Infectious Disease Units to treat Ebola patients back in 2014.


Many decisions were made about where testing will be performed, what instrumentation will be used, and how staff would protect themselves in the process. Four years later, the dust has settled, but the CDC and individual states still have specific ideas about how to be ready for the next dangerous pathogen. Those changes include updated recommendations about PPE, a modified test menu, and new ideas about the “point of care.”


This presentation highlighted specific safety and POCT issues and learn how to make best practice decisions in the HIDU setting.



Officer Elections


During the meeting, elections were made, ballots were counted and new officers for 2018 were announced. The VAPOCCs are pleased to announce the following new officers...


President President-Elect Treasurer Secretary
Lauren Wheeler
Bon Secours Health Newport News, VA
Katherine Bodnar
Bon Secours Health Hampton Roads, VA
Bill Hankins
Danville Regional
Danville, VA
Sarafaye Shumate
Sentara Norfolk
Norfolk, VA


The VAPOCCs would like to thank Past-President Debbie Howard from Children's Hospital King's Daughters, for her efforts in leading the group this past year.


A special thanks goes out to Lisa Durish who has taken on the role of Treasurer and Secretary for a number of years and now get a chance to rest and simply attend and support the VAPOCC group... thanks Lisa!

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