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More than 30 people attended the Fall 2010 VAPOCC meeting hosted by Riverside Regional Medical Center in Newport News.


Welcome I CPOCT International Symposium Recap

POCT in the ER: Riverside RMC I POCT in the ER: Heart of Lancaster

The Importance of collaboration, communication and compliance

Business Meeting - New 2011 President - Elect


VAPOCC president Bill Hankins from Danville Regional Medical Center opened the meeting

by welcoming the attendees and thanking sponsors

Abbott POC, Thermo Fisher, MAS/RALS, Whitehat Communications, and Roche for their support.

Bill also thanked the committee members, Lisa Durish, Gwen Harris, and Cathy Owens for their efforts in response to last minute changes to the meeting. Bill explained that due to scheduling problems with Tim Ferguson from

VAPOCC officers Lisa Durish, Treasurer,

Cathy Owens, 2010 President-Elect, Bill Hankins,2010 President, and Shirley Church, 2011 President-Elect.

Accumetrics, Lou Ann Wyer had stepped up and provided two presentations - see below - for the meeting.  Whitehat Communications was also standing by with a recorded webinar 'just in case'.


Bill then introduced Vivienne Coolbear, (left) the meeting's host from Riverside Regional Medical Center. Viv also welcomed the attendees and gave an an overview of the hospital's point-of-care program and demographics.


Lou Ann Wyer

Lou Ann Wyer then gave the first of her presentations where she recapped the September 2010 AACC CPOCT "New Directions in Point-of-Care and Critical Care Testing: Innovation, Controversies, and Partnerships" International Symposium held in Boston.  Calling it the 'best conference she had ever attended", Lou Ann provided a nice summary of this 2 day meeting on the emerging edge of changes in the point-of-care field and covered a number of topics, including; Integrating POCT into Patient Care Pathways and Patient Outcomes; Microbiology and Infectious Disease Testing; Innovation and New Technologies; Point-of-Care Partnerships; and Controversies in POC and Critical Care Testing.


She then provided the group with a number of online resources, in addition to AACC and the CPOCT division, such as www.acutecaretesting.com, www.pointofcare.net,


Lastly, Lou Ann then honored the newest Virginia graduates of the AACC CPOCT POC Specialist Certificate Program, an online distance learning program consisting of eight courses that document the knowledge and skills necessary for successful practice as a POC specialist.


Renee Rountree

The next presenter was Renee Rountree, VP of Trauma and Emergency Services at Riverside Regional Medical Center, who talked about the benefits of POCT in the ER. Renee focused primarily on how POCT, particularly screening patients with i-STAT testing devices, has helped to reduce the 'door to doctor' time in the ER. In February 2007 it took an average of two hours after walking in the door to see a doctor. 18 months later, the hospital started building a team of American Board of Emergency Medicine-certified doctors, and the door-to-doctor time immediately fell to 74 minutes. In November 2009, it dropped again to 45 minutes, while the door-to-nurse number was down to 30 minutes.


Kevin Shovlin, Director of Emergency Services, Heart of Lancaster Regional Medical Center, stayed with the ER focus of the day by reviewing POCT in ER and echoed much of what Renee had said earlier.  He talked about Heart of Lancaster Regional Medical Center's brand new hospital offers a state-of-the-art emergency department that features two critical care rooms, twelve exam and treatment rooms, a radiology room, a complete interlinked monitoring system with ICU and Telemetry Units as well as pleasant and comfortable waiting room for family and friends. He particularly noted Heart of Lancaster's ER wait time which hovers around 2 minutes!


The meeting then broke for a great lunch provided by Panera Bread

and generously supplied by ThermoFisher.


Expanding POCT Services - the importance of collaboration, communication and compliance - was Lou Ann Wyer's second presentation of the day and used her experiences at Sentara Healthcare. The explained the history of the program; reasons for change; POCT's role in partnerships; new processes and outcomes.


Shirley Church

The meeting ended with a general business session at which time Shirley Church, Sentara Obici Hospital was nominated and unanimously chosen as 2011 President-Elect for the VAPOCCs. Shirley is one of the many POCCs working in the Sentara Healthcare system and is currently at Obici Hospital in Suffolk, VA.


Plans are currently underway for a spring 2011 face-to-face meeting and vendor fair, although the date and location has not been determined. A fall 2011 webinar was also discussed and is being looked into.

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