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Bay Area POCC Group Spring Meeting Recap!


Meeting host Tina Sherwin from John Muir Health, welcomed over 30 attendees to the Spring meeting of the Bay Area POCC Group on Friday, May 11 in Concord, CA.


The group heard 4 presentations from outstanding speakers, earned multiple CEUs, and it was a very interactive day. To view the slides from each presenter, click on the appropriate link below.


We also want to thank Roche for sponsoring and providing a great lunch.


We are also looking for a host for our 2018 Fall/Winter meeting.

It's easier than you think and you'll have plenty of help and support. If you're willing and

interested, contact Robyn Medeiros.



“Its CLIA-waived so nothing can go wrong, right?”


Our first speaker was Norman Moore, PhD, Alere Director of Scientific Affairs, Infectious Diseases, who presented “Its CLIA-waived so nothing can go wrong, right?”.


Dr. Moore's talk focused on medical errors being the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S. the 3 leading causes of deaths and some of the reasons why that is. He also covered changes in medical testing; clinical sampling, cheek and saliva swab testing; pregnancy, influenza, RSV, HIV; and Strep A testing.


To view this presentation, click on the image ...


“Importance of Evidence Based Medicine in POCT”


Dr. Moore was also our second speaker, when he spoke on “Importance of Evidence Based Medicine in POCT”. Infectious diseases are a significant killer in the United States with many people fearing the rise of antibiotic resistant microorganisms as one of the greatest global health threats we face. 


The miracle of the antibiotic age is waning and we must do what we can do to specifically identify the pathogens causing disease and treat them appropriately, either with the appropriate antibiotic – or no antibiotic if it is a viral disease.


Depending upon the clinical disease, specific antibiotics can be more effective with less adverse affects than broad spectrum compounds.


To view this presentation, click on the image ...



“The 1,2,3’s of  ACT testing"


Our next speaker was Marcia Zucker,

PhD, sponsored by Abbott POC/i-STAT, who lead a discussion on “The 1,2,3’s of ACT testing".


Briefly, Dr. Zucker told the group that ACTs are Global Assays; they are used to monitor heparin and that heparin is non-homogenous; that heparin differs by manufacturer & lot; and that ACTs differ by manufacturer, activator and detection mechanism.


To view this presentation, click on the image ...





“A Diagnostic Approach to Pleural Effusion”


The day's final speaker was Christine Arruda,  from Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc. who presented “A Diagnostic Approach to Pleural Effusion”. 


The objectives of this talk were to define the leading causes of pleural effusion; classify the type of effusion; and identify procedures and tests associated with diagnosis.


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