Held 2/18/10 from 0900-1200

Ephrata Community Hospital - Health Pavilion B


Members Present:

Terry Hawkins, Rick Lebo, Adonica Wilson,

Kathy Hoffman, Sandy Martin,

Cindy Graves and Rachel Horst

Treasurer's Report  I  Membership Update  I  Upcoming Meetings  I  By-Laws

PACE Credits  I  Liability Insurance  I  Scholarship Fund


Treasurer’s Report


Checking Account Balance: $8454.67

Money Market Balance: $4186.26


Rick stated that the balance of the monies must not exceed $20,000 in order to maintain a not-for-profit status.  The decision was made to monitor the funds until a balance of $15-$18,000 is met and at that time decisions will need to be made as to what to do with the money.


Two vendors have a credit for 2010.  One did not attend the December meeting due to the weather and the other had pre-paid for a table but provided the speaker at the December meeting.

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Membership Update


The list of members and contacts is not up to date.  Rachel would like to have the updated list prepared by May, 2010.  Rachel will keep track of all rejected emails sent out with the March meeting update to all members, so that they can be deleted from the list.


Kathy will be updating the Membership Form with her contact information and have posted on the website.

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Upcoming Meetings


March 10, 2010

The March meeting will be postponed due the inclement weather we have been having.  Rachel will send an email to the group for notification.  A meeting in April, date to be announced, is being researched by Cindy Graves for the location.  KEYPOCC was approached by the Baltimore POC group asking if we would like to combine meetings as we both would like to discuss the same topic.


Bring your own checklists (BYOC!) - Questions for both CAP and JCAHO inspected hospitals could be discussed in a round table forum.  Perhaps Carrie Bell will help to lead the discussion with the JCAHO laboratory perspective (pros vs. cons).


Kathy has a contact, Anne Bellanger, which may be a potential speaker.  Kathy will forward the information to Terry.


Final details will have to be decided as to which POC group will be responsible for which expenses.


June 16 or 23, 2010

Location and host remains undetermined.  Rachel received an email from Nicholas Morea, Instrumentation Laboratory, who would like the opportunity to present on the importance of rapid detection of lactate in regards to sepsis.  This may be a potential topic for the June meeting.


September 15, 2010

Adonica Wilson is to host at DuPont Hospital for Children.  She is still waiting to receive date/room confirmation with the possible topic of Hospital Acquired Infections.


December 8, 2010

Webinar from  Rick Lebo will set up a time for the Board to meet/conference call with Rick Import to discuss the process.  Most webinars are only 1- 1 ½ hours long and are typically scheduled at lunch time.  They are PACE approved by MAS and business meetings may be able to be conducted.  If you are not a sponsoring POC group member, you will be disconnected at that time.

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Approval of By-Laws


Discussion was made to move forward with the proposed changes to the by-laws that were discussed at the December 2009 meeting.  E-approval of bylaws email will be developed by Rick and sent to Rachel to be forwarded to the group for the members to vote on final approval.  Response request will be within one week, with a yes/no/discussions block and a reminder for renewing memberships for 2010 attached.


Acceptance of the bylaws occurs when 1/3 of the members approve which is equivalent to 25 members.

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PACE Credits


Adonica will investigate the possibility of sponsoring other POC group’s credits and what process we would need to take in order to do so.

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Liability Insurance


Rick presented a quote from Erie Insurance for general liability coverage with an annual fee of $218.  Terry will research other companies for comparison purposes.

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Scholarship Fund


Discussions were held on the progress of the scholarship committee. Progress has been slow to this point.  The Board voiced several points that they would like to see covered by the scholarship committee in forming the guidelines for recipients, including requirements (transcript, letter of recommendation, essay stating why they are interested in Laboratory science or the field of Medical Technology/what makes them special or different from others for this award), one time recipients, etc.  The mission was also discussed – to promote the study of Clinical Laboratory Science.

  • Will money go to new students entering the field of Medical Technology or to current POCC’s that would like to advance their careers?

  • What geographical areas will the scholarship be offered to?

  • Should the recipient be required to attend a KEYPOCC meeting to receive their award?

The Board discussed using $1000 from the current budget to set up a separate scholarship fund to get started.  Fundraising ideas were discussed as well (possibly a fair of home show type vendors to attend one of our meetings with proceeds to the scholarship fund).


The Board also discussed the first award to be presented in memory of Wendy VanDyke.


Terry will contact Noreen to see if she would like to remain the Chair of the committee with the knowledge that Cindy Graves is willing to take the lead if she is not.  Sandy, Kathy and Rachel all expressed interest in being part of the committee as well.


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