March 17, 2016

 Alfred I DuPont Hospital for Children


KEYPOCC Business Meeting Minutes


Treasurer’s Report

  • Closing Balance as of 02/29/16 = $13,140.04

 Meeting Facilities Needed

  • Encouraged members to have meetings at their hospital/place of employment.

  • Meetings at hospital are much more affordable than hotels

Education Grant

  • Discussed  changing the grant amount from two $500 scholarships to one grant at $1000

  • Need to check into the need to have a membership vote on this

  • Email Cindy Graves-Scholarship Committee

  • Will send out information to universities and Medical Technologist schools making them aware of the grant(s) available

  • If no applicants, consider giving to a MLS school/program


  • There is a need to increase membership

  • New member total is 22.  Plus an additional five joined at this meeting.

  • Will look into a Facebook page and getting a KEYPOCC presence on LinkedIn

Member Contact List

  • Still a work in progress

  • Working on an email and attachments to send to the current contact list for updates, referrals and deletions.

KEYPOCC Brochure

  • Mary is working on new pictures and pamphlets for KEYPOCC

Business Meeting Time

  •  Not enough people stay at the end of meeting for the business meeting

  • Will look to move the business meeting to the beginning or before lunch

  • Need a quorum to vote on changes

Board of Director Positions

  • Stressed the need for new Board of Directors

  • 3 Officers will be leaving at the end of this year

  • President, Secretary, and Treasurer offices are open for nominations

  •  Two-year commitment

  • A change in by-laws will be needed and a vote of members to pass

Meetings for 2016

  •  June 16, 2016 - Evangelical Community Hospital, Lewisburg, PA

  • September 8, 2016 –WellSpan Gettysburg Hospital, Gettysburg, PA

  • December 13, 2016-Webinar-“Case Studies in POCT” with Sheldon Campbell

  • Note:  Speakers and topic suggestion are welcomed for the upcoming meetings.

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