Who Accredits Your POCT Program?

A Discussion of CAP, TJC, CMS, and more!

  April 14, 2010


Lancaster Host Resort & Conference Center
2300 Lincoln Highway East, Lancaster, PA 17602-1114


Business Meeting Minutes 

The following changes to the bylaws were voted upon, with 16 votes in agreement with the changes, 0 disagreed:

  • Motion to change the definition of a "member in good standing".  The definition was expanded to include anyone who has attended at least 2 meetings during the year.  This change will allow more members to run for office within KEYPOCC.

  • Motion to change the word "dues" to "registration".  For some of our members, this change will allow the fee to be covered by their employer.

  • Added "for the current calendar year" to the definition of "quorum".

  • Added “In turn for their service, the yearly registration fee will be waived” in regards to the officer of KEYPOCC.

Two prizes were awarded ($25 gift cards) for visiting the vendors, one to Tom Stipe and one to Kitty Selitto.

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