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at the Hotel Hershey for...

'Team Building, Customer Support Skills, and Work Force Retention!

KEYPOCC is thrilled to be hosting our Fall 2022 meeting at the The Hotel Hershey, one of the finest Historic Hotels of America. Known for its refined elegance, signature service, and abundant amenities, The Hotel Hershey is a one-of-a-kind destination in Chocolate Town, U.S.A. Hershey is conveniently located in Central Pennsylvania, just 90 minutes from Baltimore and Philadelphia, 2 hours from Washington, DC and 3 hours from New York City. Click here for directions. Make plans to join us and stick around for a 'sweet time'!


Time Topic
815am Registration and Breakfast
900am Opening Remarks

Communicating when there is potential for conflict
Cherie V. Peterson, BA, Distance Education Program Coordinator,
Institute for Learning, ARUP Laboratories (see bio below)

How often have you wanted to discuss an issue with someone at work but avoided the conversation because you didn't want to cause or engage in conflict? Or maybe you've brought up an issue that was seemingly insignificant, only to have it cause unintended conflict? There are a variety of possible outcomes given the above circumstances: You internalize your stress and frustration; you discuss your concerns with others rather than confronting the person, potentially creating gossip; you engage the person, and the conversation doesn't go well, so you become discouraged or angry; your behavior toward the person becomes passiveaggressive; or you completely withdraw.

Fortunately, these negative outcomes can be avoided altogether if the situation is approached with thoughtful consideration and a positive strategy. Learn more>

1020am Vendor Break
1050am RALS Vendor Presentation

Recruiting Medical Laboratory Staff - An Educator’s Point of View
Dr. Diane Davis MLS (ASCP)CM, SC CM, SLS CM, Professor Emeritus, Medical Laboratory Science, Salisbury University (see bio below)

Clinical laboratories are in the midst of a severe workforce shortage and suddenly find themselves having to find ways to recruit and retain qualified staff. Demographic shifts and consequences of the pandemic have affected the pool of students in educational programs and led current professionals to evaluate their continued employment.

Many often think that recruitment and retention are the responsibilities of Human Resources and perhaps to some degree, upper management. This may be true when the workforce is plentiful, but it is less likely to be true in the current environment. This webinar will outline factors that influence career choice and job selection, particularly for post-secondary students, and provide practical suggestions for laboratory staff at all levels to participate in recruitment and retention to the profession.
1205pm Lunch and Vendor Break
115pm Roche Vendor Presentation
130pm KEYPOCC Business Meeting and Future Planning - Bylaws
(Including Board Positions for: President | Vice President | Secretary | Treasurer)

The KEYPOCC board has branched out and supported more POCC meetings and events
across the nation over the last year+. We will be asking attendees to share ideas on where else we can support POCC efforts, where can we help fellow POCC’s attend meetings and continue their education? We would appreciate you bringing some fresh ideas to this meeting as we offer to support POCC’s by paying their registration fees and/or awarding a small stipend for travel expenses.

300pm Adjourn
320pm KEYPOCC Board Meeting (all attendees are welcome to attend)
Speaker Bios

Cherie Petersen
Cherie has spent the past 20 years developing educational programs and resources specifically designed for laboratory professionals by combining her experience and knowledge of the laboratory industry with the best resources available. As the Distance Education Program Coordinator for ARUP’s Institute for Learning she is responsible for developing, managing, and delivering educational opportunities to a broad range of industry professionals. She directs ARUP’s rapidly growing educational website that has over 80,000 unique visitors and issues more than 30,000 continuing education credits per year to pathologists and laboratorians.

Over the past 20+ years, Cherie has been an invited guest and keynote speaker at numerous state and local professional association meetings, including national CLMA, AACC, and ASCLS conferences. For her efforts, she has been honored with AACC’s Outstanding Speaker Award several times. Through ARUP’s Institute for Learning, Cherie shares her expertise, energy, and passion with ARUP clients and industry professionals. Using her experience in employee development, training, management coaching, writing, and public speaking, as well as her knowledge of customer service, leadership, communication skills, and sales, she teaches clients how to achieve exceptional outcomes in order to become patient/customer-focused and enhance their competitive efforts. Cherie has the unique ability to inspire and cultivate the excellence that exists within individuals and their organizations.

Diane Davis
Dr. Davis graduated from Salisbury University in 1980 with a Medical Technology degree, summa cum laude, and in 1989 with a Master’s of Education degree. Graduated in 2000 from Catholic University of America with Ph.D. in Clinical Laboratory Science, with distinction. Full-time clinical chemistry experience from 1979-1987 and then per diem experience from 1987 – 2016 after joining the Salisbury University Medical Laboratory Science Program in 1987. Served 25 years as the Clinical Coordinator for the SU MLS Program and began serving as Program Director in 2011. Teaching duties have included biochemistry, immunology, instrumentation, laboratory management, laboratory safety, medical physiology and medical terminology.

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