Our First Webinar

“Improving Your POC Program:

An Upside Down Map”

Was a Huge Hit!

KEYPOCC President Terry Hawkins from Christiana Care Health Services, hosted and Sheila Coffman, MT (ASCP) presented at our first ever webinar on December 8, 2010. More than 100 people registered and we had a spirited discussion with lots of good questions and issues talked about.


If you missed the webinar, or would like to hear it again, click on the appropriate link below. There's also a link for Sheila's slides that you can download.


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To recap Sheila's presentation...


... as she says, if you have seen one Point of Care program, you have seen one Point of Care program.  While all programs have testing, personnel and regulatory/ accrediting agencies, each is unique in how it organizes these  items into a POC program for their own institution.  Resources such as time, money and personnel can be hurdles in developing the ideal program.  This webinar offered some ideas on:

  • Developing a POC committee

  • Test selection and standardization

  • Training, continuing education, policy and procedure writing

  • Quality management, connectivity, regulatory and accrediting

  • Other tidbits of POC information aimed at providing insight into improvement opportunities. 

Objectives:  After completing this webinar, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify key personnel for a POC Committee and know when and why to meet

  • Understand how to write an SOP and why it should be read by end users

  • Identify training program documentation and explore options for bringing it to the end users

  • Discuss a Quality Management program specifically QI related to program errors

  • Discuss connectivity solution features and usage in a POC program

Vendor Sponsors:  Alere; Eurotrol;  Medical Automation Systems; Radiometer, Siemens

About our Speaker Sheila Coffman is a former Point of Care Coordinator from University Hospital in San Antonio, Texas.  She transitioned to the industry side of POC working as Director of Clinical Services at QAS, Inc. (an Inverness Medical company).  Most of her years in POC have been spent in coagulation supporting professionals and also patients self-testing.  She has worked as a consultant in the field of POC for development of medical devices, regulatory guidance, technical writing and presenting.  Currently, she is working at Abbott Point of Care in Field Support Services.  Sheila currently serves as a Faculty Advisor for the AACC CPOCT Point of Care Specialist Certificate program and is also working on a CLSI document for Point of Care.

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