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POC Group Website Program

Who is eligible to participate in the Subweb Program?

Subwebs are currently being used by more than 30 POC groups that meet throughout the country on a regular basis, but are available to anyone with a desire to host a Point of Care based website.  Large IHN's, Vendors, and Educational groups all might be interested in hosting a site.

How much does it cost?


Do I have control over the content of my site's content?

Yes.  As long as the site is being used for legal, professional, Point of Care or clinical-based content, the site is yours to control. 

How do I post information to the site?

Forward any information you would like posted, including graphic images, to the

How do I apply for a subweb?

Submit your request to the

Who supports the site?

You provide the content and MAS maintains the site.  If there are technical problems, contact the


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