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Clarity Diagnostics

Clarity Diagnostics, LLC
1080 Holland Drive, Suite 1
Boca Raton, FL 33487


Since 2003, the Clarity brand has built a reputation for quality products and service in North America. Clarity Diagnostics is a manufacturer and market leader of rapid diagnostic tests, diagnostic equipment, and over-the-counter diagnostic tests that are targeted toward Alternate Care, Acute Care, Continuum of Care, Laboratory, and OTC markets. Clarity’s value proposition to its customers is high quality products at affordable prices while maintaining excellent customer support. Clarity’s rapid diagnostic tests are made with you in mind, to ensure ease of use, accuracy, and value. Clarity’s product line includes 7 product categories and over 80 primary products that are FDA approved and CLIA Waived. Clarity also provides you with flexible options not offered by competitors such as live product support backed by U.S. based corporate sales, customer service, and technical support teams. Our team is available to customers and distributor reps alike, pre and post-sales for questions, training, and technical support. We also offer placement programs based on volume.


Urinalysis - our newest line

The Clarity Urinalysis line of products test for a number of basic human chemistries in urine that assist in the detection of various health conditions.

Clarity Platinum analyzer is proudly made in the USA and comes auto calibrated with a color touch screen and a user-friendly interface. The machine has compliance features that meet the new FDA Guidelines. Each unit comes with a 12 month warranty, lifetime technical support, and a barcode reader.100 strips per bottle. Made in the USA.

Urine Strips
Clarity Platinum 10 Parameter urinalysis test for Leukocytes, Nitrite, Urobilinogen, Protein, pH, Blood, Specific Gravity, Ketone, Bilirubin, and Glucose. They are for use with the Clarity Platinum Urine Analyzer, and not for visual read. 100 strips per bottle. Made in the USA.

Clarity CLA-MAC is for the detection of microalbumin and creatinine in urine. The tests are visual read only and have a 30 second read time. 25 strips per bottle. Made in the USA.

Platinum Promotion
Clarity Platinum Promotion comes with a Clarity Platinum Urine Analyzer, 12 month Warranty, 16 bottles of 10 parameter urine reagent strips(CLA-10P), plus lifetime technical support and a barcode reader.

Platinum Urinalysis Controls
Clarity CLA-UHCRL25 Urinalysis controls contain 1 vial of 25 ML positive control solution, and 1 vial of 25 ML negative control solution. They are for use with Clarity Platinum 10 Parameter Urine Reagent Strips (CLA-10P) and Clarity Microalbumin Creatinine strips (CLA-MAC). Made in USA.


The Clarity Urocheck Strips test 10 different parameters and are used in laboratories and point of care offices.

The Clarity Urocheck 120C Urine Analyzer is a semi-automated urinalysis system designed specifically for use with the Clarity Urocheck test strips and provides automatic readings of several parameters at a rate of up to 120 tests per hour. 

It also features quality control lockout, auto calibration and self-check.

The Clarity Urine liquid controls are intended for use with all Clarity urinalysis reagent strips.

The controls monitor the accuracy and precision of urine test strips and the urine analyzer. 

The controls are designed to be stable in a liquid state for two years.

Drugs of Abuse

The Clarity Drugs of Abuse (DOA) line of tests detect elevated levels of specific drug metabolites in urine in as fast as 5 minutes. These tests are offered in a cup, dip card, or cassette format with or without adulteration parameters.


Clarity hCG Strips and Cassettes provide results in as fast as 40 seconds while maintaining 99% overall accuracy.  There is no cross reactivity with FSH, TSH, or LH, and the test as a sensitivity of 10, 20, or 25mIU. Clarity also has Urine/hCG controls available.

Infectious Disease


Strep A
The Clarity Strep A Test has a sensitivity of 95% and specificity of 98.4% making it one of the most accurate strep products available.

The test provides results in 5 minutes. Controls are included and provides test strips in convenient individual foil pouch packaging

The Clarity Mononucleosis test contains an OSHA compliant pipette and has an overall accuracy of 99% with no age restrictions.

The Clarity Mononucleosis test provides results in 8 minutes or less and is made in the USA.

COVID Antigen
The Clarity COVID-19 Antigen rapid test cassettes can be used to test directly collected naso-pharyngeal swab specimens.  This test should be ordered for the detection of COVID-19 antigen in individuals who are suspected of COVID-19 by their healthcare provider and who are within 6 days of symptom onset.  This test is FDA EUA approved, CLIA Waived and POCT approved.  The relative sensitivity is 87.5% and relative specificity is >98.9%.  The Clarity antigen is test is economically priced, fast and easy to use.  Each kit contains: 25 individually pouched test cassettes, 25 sterile Naso-Pharyngeal swabs, 25 buffer tubes, positive and negative controls, 1 work station, package insert and quick start guide.

Blood Glucose


Cancer Screening


The Clarity BG1000 Blood Glucose monitoring system is a precise, simple, and accurate handheld monitoring system that can be used in point of care offices as well as at home. The meter has no interference with Xylose, Maltose, or Galactose, is ISO 15197 Compliant, and has a sample size of 0.5 uL with results in 5 seconds.

The Clarity HbCheck Hemoglobin testing system is a fast, accurate, and reliable way to test for total hemoglobin and estimated hematocrit in whole blood.  The meter provides results in 4-15 seconds, requires only 10 uL of blood, and has minimal maintenance required.

The Clarity Immunoassay Fecal Occult Blood test provides an easy to use, non-invasive approach to screening for colorectal cancer and other lower GI disorders. With only one tube and cassette, intermittent bleeding can be detected all while requiring no diet, vitamin, or iron restrictions.