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Instrumentation Laboratory is a world leader in the development of diagnostic instruments. Our mission: Be innovative. Explore the possibilities. Create unparalleled products and take good care of the people who use them.   Founded in 1959, we were the first to develop and patent a centrifugal analyzer; we led the way with enhanced solid-state fluidics; and we invented CO-Oximetry. In pursuit of other breakthroughs, we maintain a vigorous program of research and development. We also recruit expert scientists, and build programs to help them expand their skills and stay current with emerging technologies. IL now holds more than one hundred patents vital to the advancement of medicine.

We combine research and expertise with the strengths of our strategic partners, enabling us to assemble and distribute products that are reliable, simple, and strong. We achieve quality beyond the industry standard. Everything works together: our "Total Solution."

GEM Premier 4000 GEM Premier 3500 IL 682 GEMweb

GEM Premier 4000: Revolutionizing blood testing at the bedside and in the lab

Easy to learn, simple to operate and complete, the GEM Premier 4000 with iQM revolutionizes whole blood critical care testing, enhancing productivity and patient care. 
  • Onboard CO-Oximetry and a full complement of parameters meet every testing need
  • Self-contained, multi-use cartridge PAKs include all testing components
  • Maintenance-free – just replace the cartridge every 30 days
  • iQM, IL's proprietary Intelligent Quality Management system, automates quality control
  • GEMweb® Plus, IL's unique remote management software, enables access to any networked analyzer to view results, monitor performance and assure standard configurations
Measured Analytes Derived (calculated) Parameters
pH    pCO2    pO2    Na+    K   Ca++    Cl   Glu
Lac    Hct    tHb    O2Hb    COHb    MetHb    HHb
TCO2 P/F Ratio
BE(B) pAO2
BE(ecf) CaO2
tHb(c) CvO2
Ca++ (7.4) p50
Anion gap O2cap
sO2 RI
sO2(c) CcO2
HCO3-std a-vDO2
HCO3-(c) Qsp/Qt (est)
A-aDO2 Qsp/Qt
paO2/pAO2 Hct(c)

GEM Prenier 3500: Test Assured in Critical Care Diagnostics

Building on the unprecedented testing simplicity, flexibility and reliability of the GEM Premier 3000, the GEM Premier 3500 offers new capabilities in an enhanced system, adaptable to the needs--and volume--of the hospital and lab.   
  • Simple -- Maintenance-free, multi-use, disposable cartridge PAKs and intuitive touchscreen menus are easy to use
  • Flexible -- Customized cartridge configurations and a broad test menu, meet the needs of any location and any testing capacity, cost-effectively
  • iQM --  IL's proprietary Intelligent Quality Management provides continuous, real-time quality control for the most accurate results, every time
  • Total connectivity -- GEMweb software allows information management and real-time communication throughout the hospital
  • Add the GEM OPL CO-Oximeter and the GEM PCL Plus Portable Coagulation Laboratory to create a comprehensive critical care-testing portfolio.
Measured Analytes Derived Parameters
pH    pCO2    pO2    Na+    K   Ca++    Glu     Lac    Hct
TCO2 sO2(c)
BE(B) pAO2
BE(ecf) Ca++ (7.4)
HCO3- HCO3-std
  • Easy operation and configuration for your lab
  • Minimal maintenance and automatic cleaning, with onboard cleaning solution and automatic wiping of sample probe maximizes user safety
  • Only 65 µL sample required
  • Fetal Hemoglobin (FetHb) and turbidity correction, Sulfhemoglobin (SHb) detection
  • Enhanced connectivity when interfaced to IL’s GEM Premier 3000 and other hospital / laboratory information systems
The IL 682 is easily customized to meet the needs of your critical care laboratory and is a perfect complement to IL’s GEM Premier 3000. Together they provide a complete critical care testing station ready to deliver up to 35 critical parameters.

GEMweb Plus: Complete critical care testing control from any location

GEMweb Plus is unique information management software that provides complete control of the Point of Care Testing (POCT) process. View and act upon information from any location, using any networked PC or GEM Premier 4000 critical care analyzer. You get total connectivity no matter where you are—in the ICU, a satellite facility or your office.
  • Provides a uniform testing environment that simplifies training and reduces risk of errors
  • Allows remote viewing of patient results
  • Offers complete control of all critical care analyzers, assuring testing quality and regulatory compliance
  • Enhances viewing of entire patient history on all networked critical care analyzers, regardless of location
  • Automatically documents analyzer activities and operator actions
  • Allows remote analyzer configuration
IL’s GEMweb Plus is the advanced information system for standardization that gives you complete control of analyzer operations, no matter where critical care testing occurs.
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