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POCC and POCT Program Demographics


A few years ago, nearly 500 POCC visitors to the website submitted demographic information on their POCT program. Since that time, many things in the POCT industry have change - new meters and devices have entered the marketplace, while others are no longer produced; hospitals have acquired other hospitals; and vendors have acquired vendors. Given that, we've created a new demographics form.


Help Us Update our Email List

Each month sends an eNewsletter to all subscribers that contains news, meetings, events and more that are important to all POCCs and laboratory personnel. Lately we have seen a slight rise in 'bounces' and/or undeliverable email - which could be the result of people changing positions, leaving the institution they were at, or perhaps retiring. Completing the form below will help us continue sending the eNewsletter to the 'right' people.


In early 2015, we will post the results from the demographics and make them available only to the people who have submitted information.

This information will be posted on a password protected web page and an email will be sent to each contributor and will include the form that will contain a user name and a password to access the demographics page. Note: This list is for strictly voluntary and for POCCs Only - Not for marketing use - Vendor submissions not accepted.


Contact Your Peers

The list will be sorted by POC Group (if you are not a member of a group, choose 'none') for easy navigation and will enable you to see other institutions with similar devices or systems as yours that you can contact, or that can contact you. It's a chance to ask questions or share ideas on choosing a particular POC device, data management system, or ways to improve your programs.


Out with the Old, In with the New!

Even if you submitted demographics information for our first survey, chances are your POCT program has probably changed, So please submit your data again by simply completing this form today.


Thank you in advance for providing this information.

POC Group:

First Name:

Last Name:




# of Sites (hospitals and/or clinics):


# Beds:

# Operators:

Annual # of POCT tests:

Inspecting Agency:




Blood Gas:






Cardiac Markers:

Platelet Reactivity Tests:


Lipid and Liver Panels:


Do you electronically capture manual tests?

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Information Management:



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