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POC Vendors

POCCs: To visit a Point of vendor site, click on one of the links below.

  • If you are a Point of Care Vendor and would like to submit your company information and products, click here for the required information.
  • If you need to make corrections to your listing, please click here.
  • Vendors listed below, not, are responsible for the accuracy of the information or how up to date it might be.

Note: Some of the listings above may not be up to date and is not responsible for the accuracy of each vendor listing.

If you need to update your company page/listing, send an email with updates/corrections to


Vendor Listing:

How to get listed as a POC Vendor

  • There are no requirements other than CLIA approval in the United States for a product which can be used at the point of care. 
    • If you market an instrument, it must have 510k clearance from the FDA.
  • If you would like to participate, please provide the information below in a Microsoft Word file to via email.
    • Only information provided in electronic format will be accepted.
  • Below and right is the information, if applicable, we need to list your company and product information.

Company information:

  • Name of Company
  • Address
  • Phone number to find salesperson or request Point of Care information
  • Web-site link address
  • General email for information request
  • Corporate Description (< 150 words)
  • Company logo not greater than 150 X 150 pixels in jpeg format

Test kit requirements:

  • Test kit name
  • CLIA Classification (Waived, Moderately complex)
  • Analytes performed on this device
  • CPT Code associated with each analyte
  • Test methodology
  • Sample volume
  • Time to result
  • Units in which the test is reported
  • Picture of testing device not greater than 100 X 100 pixels in jpeg
  • MSDS's associated with the use of this product

Software information:

  • Name of software package
  • Current version # availability
  • Included download capability
  • Operating system capability
  • Administration features
  • User features
  • QC features
  • Instrument Management features
  • Inventory Control features
  • Reporting features
  • Install base (# completed, NOT planned installs)
  • Export capability
  • LIS Interface capability
    a) Scripted
    b) Direct interface (HL7, ASTM)
    c) Which LIS's have you installed?
  • Up to 5 screen captures which show examples of software

Instrument requirements:

  • Instrument Name
  • Model Name
  • CLIA Classification
  • Size and weight
  • Specifications
  • Data transfer capability
  • Features
  • Test Menu (Analytes that can be performed on instrument)
  • CPT code for each analyte
  • Test Methodology
  • Units in which the test result is reported
  • Picture of instrument not greater than 100 X 100 pixels in jpeg
  • Other relevant information
  • MSDS's associated with this product etc.

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