Time Management and Conflict Management

Meeting Minutes from our
Friday, May 5, 2006 Session at...
(a UNC facility in Chapel Hill)

The spring meeting of the NC Point of Care Coordinators Network was held at “The Farm”, a UNC facility in Chapel Hill, on May 5, 2006.  The meeting featured “Time Management” and “Conflict Management”.  Beverly Robertson, the Point of Care Coordinator at UNC Chapel Hill, hosted the meeting.  The meeting was attended by 33 of our members.  It was a fun, relaxing day with the meeting’s overall theme centered around “The Farm”.  We even had a relaxation break with Dr. Jay Dunbar.

Beverly Robertson welcomed us to the meeting and began with an introduction to the individuals who had helped her with the meeting.  She also recognized and thanked all of the vendors for their generous sponsorship which helped to make our meeting possible.

Debra Norkett, the Point of Care Coordinator from Northeast Medical Center and our NC POC Network President, welcomed us and introduced the rest of the committee. An announcement was made that Kara Hallyburton, from Cleveland Regional, had changed employment and would no longer be in the POC arena, thus stepping down from her position as secretary of the NC POC Network. Sherry Gant was asked to take on Kara’s duties, in addition to her duties as Vice President.  Debra then discussed the purpose of the group and our goals, such as networking, education, and information.  The 2006 fall meeting will be hosted by Joyce Bowers, Point of Care Coordinator at Forsyth Memorial Hospital in Winston-Salem, NC.

Kim Ballister and Sheila Cruthis, POCCs for Moses Cone Memorial Hopsital, presented a brief Treasurer’s Report updating us on the status of our finances.  We finished last year with approximately $1839 in our account.  Money from our account is used by the NC POC Network to help with our semi-annual meetings and with any miscellaneous needs of the Network.  The 2006 member dues of $10 were collected from the members. 

Prior to our speaker’s presentation, the members enjoyed the icebreaker, “Name That Tune”.  Everyone had submitted a song ahead of time that they would call their feel-good, lift-you-up song.  For the icebreaker, Beverly had us play a game trying to guess which member belongs to which song.  It was a fun way to help everyone in the group get to know each other better.  Beverly and her crew had also made each of us a CD with all of the songs for us to take back and play anytime we needed a good pick-me-up. 

Our speaker, Sandra Benfield, RN, from Northeast Medical Center in Concord, NC, first presented “Time Management”.  She provided us with lots of tools to help us understand and eliminate time wasters both in our careers and in our personal lives. The afternoon session targeted “Conflict Management”.  Sandra helped us recognize the different styles of handling conflict.  She also gave us information about constructive confrontation, understanding body language, and handling criticism.  Sandra Benfield was an excellent speaker.  She was both very entertaining and very educational.  

Beverly Robertson gave an informational session on various CAP inspection questions and JCAHO standards that all of us struggle with in our Point of Care programs.  She provided us with answers to many of our concerns, through both her experience at UNC and with information provided to her by CAP and JCAHO.  The group was also encouraged to share some of their ideas and solutions to these issues.  It was a great opportunity for us to really learn from each other.

Throughout the day, Beverly had lots of give-aways for everyone, such as gift cards, bags, CDs, and cups personalized for the NC POC Network.

Overall, it was an extremely good day.  We need to give a big thanks to Beverly Robertson for a job well done!!  Much appreciated!! 

Sherry Gant,

Vice-President for the NC Point of Care Network

Point of Care Coordinator for Gaston Memorial Hospital

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