Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes


Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

February 16, 2007

Via Conference Call

Member Present: Stacey Cerminaro, Dawn Earnest, Rick Lebo,
Cindy Graves, Carrie Bell, and Jennifer Mixell

Preparations for the March 21st Meeting

Speakers/Presentations/Printed Material - Learning objectives are still needed for the speakers Rick will contact the speakers to secure.  Dawn will finalize the invitation for the meeting by 2/22 and forward to Carrie for distribution.  Meeting will be on Avian Flu and will be held at Community General Osteopathic in Harrisburg.

PACE Credits NOVA has been working with Cindy and have asked for inclusion on the brochure to acknowledge their sponsorship.  All agreed that this will be done.

Sponsors One sponsor  $500

Carrie reported that all vendors on the contact list were mailed the Sponsor Invitation and Sponsor Guidelines.  Steve Volarz did post the sponsorship invitation on the website.

Vendor Time/Door Prize

Rick suggested that we extend lunch to 1.5 hours to allow the POCCs to visit the vendors.  Dawn cautioned that the March meeting already is a full day and can not accommodate additional lunchtime.  All agreed this could be considered for future meetings.

Rick also suggested a door prize be offered to entice POCCs to visit vendors.  It was thought that completing a sign-off card that shows that you meet each featured vendor and then draw for a prize. Cindy volunteered to put together an entry form.

Suggestions: $25 gas cards or American Express gift cards.

Speaker Gifts

Hershey Food Chocolate Items and KEYPOCC shirts will be given to each speaker at the March meeting.

By-Law Revisions

Changes are needed to the by-laws for the eligibility of corporate members to hold office and to include responsibility for securing the CE credits to the office of Vice President.

Carrie will make the changes, and send out to the active members prior to the March meeting.

Upcoming Meeting Questions  

June 20, 2007

Rick will contact Chris Fetters to discuss the logistics of this meeting. Concerns included entrance fees and catering costs.

September 19, 2007 Christiana Hospital - hosted by Terry Hawkins. The topic will be the CAP and JCAHO checklist and unannounced inspections. Carrie will work on invitations to other POCC groups and getting the invitation posted on the website once we have additional information on the event to share.  The venue is large and should allow for many vendor opportunities.

December 5, 2007 Tentatively, Longwood Gardens - hosts will be Terry Hawkins and Adonica Wilson. Emergency Department POC testing is the topic. Concerns continue to be room logistics and catering expense.

Respectfully submitted,

Carrie Bell

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