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March 19, 2003

Anticoagulation Monitoring
and Testing


The March 19, 2003 Meeting was held at the Hershey Public Library in Hershey, Pa.  Hosting the meeting was Melody Botterbusch from York Hosptial-Wellspan and Karen Espey from Lancaster General Hospital.


“Basics of Warfarin Management”

The first speaker of the day was Larry Owens, PharmD, a Clinical Pharmacist at Wellspan Health System, York Hospital.  Larry is a Certified Anitcoagulation Care Provider and practices with the Wellspan Health System Anicoagulation Management Services.  Larry’s presentation entitled  “Basics of Warfarin Management” can be accessed thru the KEYPOCC web site.  Listed below is an overview of Larry’s presentation:

  • Discuss warfarin’s mechanism of action

  • Review indications for warfarin and corresponding INR ranges

  • Differentiate between a prothrombin time  and an international normalized ratio.

  • Review the most common side effects of warfarin

  • Summarize diet/drug/herbal interactions and other influences on INR

  • Discuss important patient interview questions

  • Describe how dosing adjustments are made and when to order another INR

To view Dr. Owen’s presentation:


“POCT Billing – Can it be done effectively”

Our second speaker of the day was Chris Fetters of Nextivity.  Chris provided informative on “POCT Billing – Can it be done effectively”.  Chris’s presentation was prepared for an AACC Audioconference conducted the same day.  The information covered in Chris’s presentation can be accessed thru the KEYPOCC website.  Listed below is an overview of Chris’s presentation:

  • POCT billing is identical to Main Lab billing

  • Lab range of CPT codes is 80000-89399

  • Discussed ICD-9 codes and DRG’s

  • Discussed Medicare Part A and B / Clinical Lab Fee Schedule

  •  Discussed Information necessary to bill for laboratory testing

  • Discussed LMRP and NCD

  • How to make billing for POCT possible (barcoding, connectivity, evaluating payor mix)

  • How to evaluate the true impact of POC testing (revenue usage report , net, and estimated net)


Thromboelastograph (TEG)

Our third speaker of the day was Dr. Eli Cohen, Ph. D, CEO and President of Heamoscope Corporation.  Dr. Cohn’s gave an informative presentation on Thromboelastograph (TEG), guided hemostasis and Blood Management.  


To view Dr. Cohen’s presentation:

After lunch the KEYPOCC business meeting was held.


Treasurers Report:

  • Beverly is currently on maternity leave

  • Expenses of vendor appreciate meeting totaled $600.00.  Costs are offset by new membership fees

  • AACC National Meeting ; Critical and Point of Care Division Forum, July 24, 2003

  • AACC meeting on July 24th will replace the June meeting.

  • Subcommittee needed to develop a storyboard of the founding, growth and development of KEYPOCC.  Committee and meeting time to be announced.

  • Meeting  would take place between 11am and 2pm.  Lunch is included.

  • Morning and afternoon educational tracks available (minimally invasive testing, connectivity, vendor fair)

  • There will be a small registration fee

  • KEYPOCC would be the lead group of POC coordinators to attend.

  • Organization of the meeting is taken care of by AACC including invitations and the agenda.

  • Goal of the meeting is for AACC to reach POCCs and get more involved in POC Testing.

Future meeting plans:

  • September 17, 2003

    • Possible topics : POC Urinalysis / Connectivity

    • Host: Chris Fetter / AACC Philly

  • December 10, 2003

    • Possible topics: 3rd World POC Testing

    • Host: Dimer Hostetter

Timeliness of Web updates was discussed.  Issues will continue to be evaluated and

reviewed at later meetings to determine if a change in the current process is needed.

Issues concerning new CAP checklist questions relating to Alternative test systems and Physician performed testing.  Anyone interested in supplying comments to these issues can send them to LuAnne Hildebrand.  LuAnne will coordinate comments and send to CAP.

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