June 20, 2007 Meeting Minutes...



Celebrations and Success Continuing Education Credits
Treasurer's Report September 2007 Meeting
Vendor/Sponsorship Program Future Meeting Dates
Secretary's Report Other Issues

Celebrations and Successes: Rick

  • Sondra Horton from Deborah Heart and Lung in Browns Mill New Jersey received third place honors in a laboratory recognition contest held by Advance magazine. Congratulations Sondra!

  • Adonica Wilson from DuPont Hospital for Children is celebrating her 25th year of wedded bliss.  That is a wonderful accomplishment Adonica!

  • Stacey Cerminaro from Medical Automation Systems and our KEYPOCC treasurer proudly announced that she and her husband are awaiting the arrival of their first child due in December. Best wishes to the new family!

  • The winner of the $25 Sheetz  gas card door prize – Amy McAllister – Lifescan

Treasurer’s Report: Stacey

  • Money Market account - $4124.22

  • Checking account - $6800.83

  • Total Funds - $10,925.05

Stacey reported that KEYPOCC has officially received confirmation of our tax-exempt status from federal income taxes.

This approval will help KEYPOCC with another long term goal of providing scholarships to students.

Vendor/Sponsorship Program: Stacey

  • Vendor guidelines are available on the website.

  • September meeting now has three additional vendor tables.

  • December meeting is full.

Continuing Education Credits: Cindy

  • Evaluation Forms were given to all of today’s participants– to get P.A.C.E. credits

  • Certificates from the March meeting were handed out to qualified recipients that were present.  Remainder of certificates will be mailed.

  • PACE credits are sponsored 100% by Nova Biomedical.

Secretary Report: Carrie

  • 5 new members added to KEYPOCC since the March meeting.

  • Business and Board of Directors meeting minutes are being posted to the website.
    If anyone has corrections to a post, please contact Carrie.

September meeting: Rick

  • September 19th – at Christiana Care in Newark, Delaware hosted Terry Hawkins.

  • Regulatory Readiness including speakers from CAP, JCAHO, and Dr. Nichols.  Also a panel discussion on experiences with inspection.

  • Other POC groups have been invited to join us, with plans to discuss hosting an “after glow” at the AACC meeting in Chicago, Illinois.

  • December Meeting Site: Rick

  • Noreen Berkheiser from Good Samaritan in Lebanon and Cindy Graves from Gettysburg both offered their hospitals as possible locations for the meeting.

  • Carrie will send out an e-mail to the contact list to ask for a preference from the group.

Future Meeting dates for 2007

  • September 19, 2007 :  Christiana Care, Newark DE

    • “Regulatory Readiness” hosts Terry Hawkins

  • December 5, 2007:  Location – TBD – either Gettysburg or Lebanon, PA
    as possible sites.

    • “Emergency Room Testing” host Adonica Wilson

Other Issues:

  • Rick happily reported that our My Point of Care.net Steve Valorz is healthy after surgery. Steve appreciated the get well wishes and the movie gift basket that included snacks and the movie “Employee of the Month”.

  • Wendy VanDyke sent her appreciation for the movie gift bucket and movie “Little Miss Sunshine” that she received from KEYPOCC after her surgery.  She is doing well post-surgery and is upbeat and positive. Wendy was one of the founding members of KEYPOCC and now is lab manager at Gettysburg.

  • Business meeting adjourned and after a hearty “Phillie Mixer” style lunch complete with huge cheese steaks, everyone headed to Hershey Park for a fun filled day in the gorgeous weather!

Thank you to Nova Biomedical for underwriting the educational meeting and luncheon!

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