91 Attendees Turn Out for
One of the Hottest Topic's in Patient Care

Educational Session:

Meeting hosts Rick Lebo, B.S. from LifeScan, Inc., Marcy Anderson from Medical Automation Systems, and Raylene Ballard of the Health Devices Group, ECRI welcomed 91 attendees to a day tight glycemic control at Hershey Medical Center.

Following introductions, LifeScan's Dr. Kirsten Kempe discussed the basics of Tight Glycemic Control, with a review of the evidence base for implementing the program in her 'What is Tight Glycemic Control?' presentation.

Robert Gabbay,M.D. Ph.D , Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center then presented 'HMC Experience with Tight Glycemic Control' which provided attendees with first hand experiences with implementing a TGC program – including the the problems and the outcomes. To view his Powerpoint Presentation, right click on the link below and save the file to your hard drive.

Holly Roush, RN Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center then gave a nursing perspective on the glycemic control process — justifying the extra work and strategies success - in her presentation titled 'Tight Glycemic Control from a Nurse's Perspective'. To view her Powerpoint Presentation, right click on the link below and save the file to your hard drive.

After lunch, Lifescan, Abbott, MAS and Telcor representatives gave an overview of how their Tight Glycemic Control modules could help with the data management and monitoring of the process.

Business Meeting:

Beverly McAllister opened the meeting with a “Thank You” to the meeting organizers: Rick Lebo, Marcy Anderson and Raylene Ballard.

Peter Gawron reported that he has not gotten feedback from Hershey Medical Center on how the new rules governing the use of the facilities for KEYPOCC meetings would affect the group. KEYPOCC will continue to operate as we have been for meetings held at Hershey Medical Center until we hear differently.

Beverly McAllister has created a meeting evaluation form, which was used at the meeting. The group decided that we would use this form for future meetings and modify it as needed. A suggestion was made by Peter to mention completion of the form more often during the meeting to increase the number of evaluations completed by attendees.

Beverly McAllister proposed that a Planning Committee be formed to serve for one year and to plan all the meetings for that year. Her proposal was to make these positions elected positions and that these people would serve as a resource to the meeting hosts to reserve caterers, rooms, etc. The hosts would organize the educational portion of the meeting and the Planning Committee would take care of the food, room and audiovisual arrangements.  The group agreed that the committee should be formed and Beverly will draft bylaws and the committee members will be voted for to hold office in 2006.

Stacey Cerminaro gave a Treasurer’s Report:

  • Account balance as of Dec 31, 2003 was $    912.38

  • Account balance as of Dec 31, 2004 was $6,036.00

$4000 of the account balance has been placed into an interest bearing money market account (0.85%), which allows for 6 transfers/month and 3 checks/month.  A minimum of $1000 must be kept in the account and there are no fees. $2355 still remains in the checking account.

Meeting Dates and Hosts for remainder of 2005 are:

  • June 29, 2005: Dawn Earnest/Jenny Mixell. Fun meeting. Educational session to discuss HgbA1C and the fun portion to possibly involve a brewery tour and lunch at a local brewery.

  • September 28, 2005: Beverly McAllister. Aspirin resistance and Plavix resistance.

  • December 7, 2005: Peter Gawron. Leadership.

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