December 7, 2005

Meeting Minutes

Educational Portion of Meeting

The meeting title was “The Evolving Role of the POCC: Leaders and Comminciators” and the meeting focused on leadership and communication skills as they relate to both the work and home environment. The speakers were Peter Gawron, Outpatient Director for the University Physician Group at Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center and Rick Import, President of ESI Productions, a communication company.

Business Meeting

Celebrations and Successes I Treasurer’s Report I Planning Committee Guidelines
Dates/Hosts for 2006 I Survey of the Members I Membership Dues I Contact List Donation to Hershey Public Library I Scholarship Award

Celebrations and Successes

  • Skip Lentz of Nova Biomedical will be retiring soon. We all wish him well.

  • Peter Gawron has a new position at Hershey Medical center as Outpatient Director of the University Physician Group.

Treasurer’s Report

  • December 2005 account balance - $6036

  • December 2006 account balance - $7920

Planning Committee Guidelines

The Board of Directors has approved the guidelines which create a planning committee comprised of the past Vice President and the 4 meeting hosts for the year. The guidelines will be modified as needed in 2006.

Meeting Dates/Hosts for 2006

  • March 15th – Network 101 and Connectivity, we have no hosts for this meeting to date.

  • June 21st – Barcoding, we have no hosts for this meeting to date.

  • September 20th – Cindy Graves will host, no topic was decided upon.

  • December 6th – Stacey Cerminaro, Marcy Anderson and Joann Brehm will host, no topic has been chosen.

We are looking for volunteers to host the March and June meetings.

Topic Ideas for 2006 include: Shortness of Breath Practice Guidelines, Regulatory issues such as CAP continuous survey readiness and the new CAP POCT checklist questions, 2006 JCAHo Safety goals.

Survey of the Members

Due to dwindling attendance at the meetings the BOD has decided that a survey of the members may shed some light on the reason for the decline. Suggestions were made to make the survey a check-off format to make things easier for those being surveyed.

Membership Dues

A suggestion was made at the BOD meeting in November to raise the annual dues from $25.00 to $30.00. It was decided that since we are financially sound and are seeing decreased meeting turnout, we would keep the annual dues at $25.00.

Contact List

Dawn Earnest reported that we had one person added to the contact list since the September meeting (Jeff Finnegan) and there were 3 more added after the meeting.

Donation to Hershey Public Library

The members present at the meeting voted to donate $250.00 to the library in appreciation of their generous support of KEYPOCC as a meeting place. The check was given to the library immediately following the meeting.

Scholarship Award

The members present discussed the possibility of awarding a scholarship to a clinical laboratory science student. We will need to apply to the IRS before we can award a scholarship. Stacey and Bev will work on this.

Respectfully Submitted: Dawn Earnest, KEYPOCC Secretary

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