Diagnosis and Management of
Aspirin Resistance

September 28, 2005

Meeting Minutes

Beverly McAllister, M.S., MT(ASCP)SC
Laboratory Operations Manager,
Ephrata Community Hospital

Brady Hall Auditorium, 205 South Front Street, Harrisburg, PA 17104


Educational Session:

The educational portion of the meeting focused on Aspirin Resistance, Antiplatelet Resistance and Induced Thrombocytopenia. There were a total of four academic speakers and 2 vendors.

Business Meeting:

Treasurer’s Report

Money Market Account $4,024.37
Checking Account  $3,321,11
Total $7,345.48

Planning Committee Guidelines: Those present at the business meeting recommended approval of the guidelines with the following changes that Beverly McAllister agreed to make to the guidelines:

1.      The timeline section should be used as a suggested guideline only and may be modified as needed.

2.      After the meeting duties to be added – Feedback from the meeting from the meeting evaluations be sent to the speakers, RSVP list with names and affiliations be sent to the vendors, Thank you note from the officers should be sent to the vendors/speakers. This could all be sent to the vendors/speakers in an electronic packet.

SPAM email Rick Lebo mentioned that he had received some Spam email from a vendor who admitted that he had received Rick’s email from pointofcare.net. Rick suggested that we have Steve Valorz add a disclaimer to the contact list to deter others from soliciting emails on the contact list.

Meeting hosts/dates for 2006 March 15th, June 21st, September 20th and December 6th.  The date was changed to the third Wednesday of the month after a vendor mentioned that the 4th Wednesday conflicted with quarterly reports, etc. No hosts were chosen at this point in time.

Nominations for 2006 officers  Dawn will send a reminder and nominations will be open until October 7th.

Regional Spring ASCLS Meeting Dawn Earnest has been contacted by Mary Anne McClain because ASCLS would like KEYPOCC’s input for Point of Care topics,/speakers for the Spring meeting which will be held from May 2-4, 2006 at Valley Forge, PA. She agreed to act as a resource and shared the www.pointofcare.net  subweb with Mary Anne to be used as a starting point.

December 7, 2005 Meeting The host is Peter Gawron and the topic is Leadership. The venue is yet to be determined and Peter has one speaker already committed for the program that day.

Additions to Meeting Evaluation Open-ended questions that were suggested to be added to the meeting evaluation form

  1. What brought you here today?

  2. Did you enjoy the meeting? Why?

  3. Did you have enough time to network?

  4. Can you suggest any changes to make the meeting more beneficial?

MAUDE Database Search Rick Lebo asked if the members where familiar with the US Food and Drug Administration database for medical device recalls. This database is very useful for searching recalls and notices concerning Point of care devices.

2006 Meeting Idea The discussion about the MAUDE database led to brainstorming on a 2006 meeting idea to focus on the JCAHO National Patient Safety Goals as they relate to POCT. The possibility for a roundtable format for this particular meeting was also discussed.

Meeting Attendance There is a concern that meeting attendance may be falling off as there were only 25 at the June meeting and only 39 at today’s meeting including speakers and vendors. One suggestion was to extend the lunch to 1.5 hours to allow for more networking time.  Another suggestion was to change the meeting format to mirror roundtable formats that are seen at many national meetings. A final suggestion for a “café” style meeting where there is a facilitator at each of several tables, an issue is discussed by the members of each table and then at the end of the meeting session, the discussions are all recapped for the group.

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