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Jant Pharmacal Corporation

16530 Ventura Blvd Ste 512, Encino, CA 91436


Corporate Description:

Jant Pharmacal Corporation, founded in 1986, develops and markets medical devices, including complimentary and companion point-of-care diagnostics. The company’s product line offers innovative CLIA-waived rapid tests and diagnostic instrumentation for use in physicians’ offices, clinics, hospitals, and laboratory practice settings. Point-of-care products are marketed under Jant's registered trademarks:  Accutest®, Accustrip® and LipidPlus®.


Jant Pharmacal's portfolio includes urine analyzers and strips, a lipid panel and glucose test system, as well as tests for TSH, immunological fecal occult blood (iFOBT), strep A, mononucleosis, h. pylori, drugs of abuse, UTI and women’s health.

Jant Pharmacal also offers a comprehensive line of laboratory equipment, including clinical chemistry, hematology, immunoassay, molecular and urinalysis systems and reagents, as well as consultative services, to enhance laboratory efficiency and profitability.


The Spotchem EZ and Ramp200 are Jant Pharmacal Corporation’s most recent product additions.

  • The Ramp200 is a lateral flow immunoassay platform that provides accurate and precise diagnostic information in minutes. Cardiac tests include NT-proBNP, Troponin I, CK-MB and Myoglobin.

  • The Spotchem EZ is a small benchtop chemistry analyzer that tests for a number of CLIA-Waived parameters including: Glucose, AST, ALT, Creatinine, BUN, HDL, Total Cholesterol, Triglycerides, LDL (calculated) and General Chemistry.


Spotchem EZ RAMP 200 BS-480 Chemistry Analyzer Drugs of Abuse
Accutest® URS-10 Urine
Reagent Strips
Accustrip Strep A
Value + Test Strip
Accutest Uriscreen Accustrip URS Reader
and Strips

SpotChem EZ


SpotChem EZ is a small benchtop chemistry analyzer that utilizes dry chemistry technology. Testing is performed on reagent strips with results available within 8 - 15 minutes. Test menu consists of 21 tests and 3 panels. Maximum throughput is 48 tests per hour. The instrument accepts whole blood samples and is calibrated automatically with the swipe of a magnetic card. At the conclusion of testing, results are available on the SPOTCHEM EZ printer or downloaded via LIS system. SPOTCHEM EZ is ideally suited for small laboratories and physician offices that desire an easy-to-use analyzer with a small footprint and limited maintenance requirements.

Features and Benefits:

  • Calibration in Seconds

  • Individual Sealed tests

  • Reagent Strips

  • Whole Blood Sample

  • CRMLN Certification

  • On Board Centrifuge

  • Minimal Waste

  • Minimal maintenance

  • Internal Computer

  • LIS Capability

  • Small compact footprint

Test Menu

RAMP® 200


The RAMP 200 is an advanced, multi-port reader with innovative design features and consists of a Control Module (CM) and a Test Module (TM).


The CM provides a convenient touchscreen interface to facilitate easy menu navigation and access to patient and quality control results.


The dual port TM provides high throughput capability for any facility, allowing patient tests to be run simultaneously, with the option to expand the reader system to up to 3 TMs.


  • A high throughput, multi-port laboratory reader (18-36 tests/hour with 3 TMs)

  • Modular, expandable and flexible design (expandable up to 3 TMs)

  • Multi-language capability (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German and Chinese)

  • Enhanced data management and connectivity

  • Self-diagnostic and internal quality control checks

  • No calibration or maintenance required

  • Run multiple tests on the same or different patients simultaneously

  • Bright, easy to read, touchscreen interface for easy menu navigation

  • Multiple access levels for enhanced security including operator lockout with optional expiration

  • USB drive allows for easy software upgrades

  • Internal electronic quality control (IQC) and external liquid QC (LQC) available

  • Stores up to 300 sample, 300 IQC and 300 LQC results

  • Programmable, customizable LQC including lockout functions and an analyte specific range setting

  • Scanner and printer accessories also available for the RAMP® 200


BS-480 Chemistry Analyzer


The BS-480 chemistry analyzer is a versatile mid to high volume chemistry platform with conventional software design, easy to navigate interface; creating a positive user experience in today’s fast-paced laboratory environment. The wide selection test menu includes general chemistries and electrolytes serving the need of most clinical laboratories and hospitals.

Features and Benefits

  • Constant 400 photometric tests per hour, up to 240 tests per hour for ISE (K, Na, Cl) 

  • 24-hour refrigeration for reagent tray 

  • Reusable cuvettes with auto-washing station 

  • Two independent mixing stirrers 

  • Clot detection and crash protection (vertical & horizontal

  • Reversed grating system with 12 wavelengths 

  • Built-in bar code scanner 

  • Pre-dilution and post-dilution for sample 

  • Bi-directional LIS interface

Drugs of Abuse


Jant Pharmacal Corporation's drugs of abuse product line includes drug test cups, drug test cassettes and drug test dip strips ranging from single panels to thirteen (13) panels.  Our urine drug test cups and panels test for the following drugs: Amphetamine (AMP), Barbiturates (BAR), Benzodiazepines (BZO), Buprenorphine (BUO), Cocaine (COC), Ecstasy (MDMA), Marijuana (THC), Methadone (MTD), Methamphetamine (M-AMP), Opiates (OPI/MOR), Oxycodone (OXY), Phencyclidine (PCP), Propoxyphene (PPX), Tricyclic Antidepressants (TCA) and Nicotine. In addition, the drugs of abuse product line includes alcohol, tobacco and adulteration screening.

Accutest® URS-10 Urine Reagent Strips


Accutest® URS-10 Urine Reagent Strips for Urinalysis are in vitro diagnostic test devices that use reagents for qualitative and semi-quantitative urinalysis. Accutest® URS-10 Urine Reagent Strips are for single use in professional near patient (point-of-care) facilities and centralized laboratory locations by medical technologists.  The strips are CLIA Waived when read visually or CLIA Moderate when read on the Accutest 500 urine analyzer and the Bayer Clinitek® 50, 100, 200, and 500 analyzers.


Accutest® URS-10 Urine Reagent Strips for Urinalysis are intended for use to detect conditions indicating possible diabetes, metabolic abnormalities, liver diseases, kidney function, and urinary tract infections. Test results can be used along with other diagnostic information to rule out certain disease states and to determine if microscopic analysis is needed.

10 Parameter

  • Leukocytes

  • Nitrite

  • Urobilinogen

  • Protein

  • pH

  • Blood

  • Specific Gravity

  • Ketone

  • Bilirubin

  • Glucose

Accustrip Strep A Value + Test Strip


The Accustrip® Strep A Value+ Test Strip is a lateral flow, one-step immunoassay for the rapid, qualitative detection of Group A Streptococcal antigen from throat swabs. The test is intended for use as an aid in the diagnosis of Group A Streptococcal infection.

  • Rapid Strep A antigen test.

  • Test results in 5 minutes.

  • CLIA complexity : WAIVED

  • Dipstick format.

  • Kit stores at room temperature.

  • Kit includes 25 test packs, 25 sterile throat swabs, extraction reagent, positive control, and negative control.


Group A streptococcus is one of the most significant human pathogens causing acute pharyngitis, tonsillitis, impetigo, and scarlet fever. It is very important to differentiate streptococcal infection from other etiologic agents (e.g., viral, mycoplasmal, or chlamydial) so that appropriate therapy may be initiated.

Classical methods for identification require 18–48 hours culture time for throat swab specimens or other exudates to produce results showing bacitracin susceptible beta-hemolytic streptococci. Rapid diagnosis and timely treatment of group A streptococcal pharyngitis infections will reduce the severity of symptoms and further complications such as rheumatic fever and glomerulonephritis.

Accustrip® Strep A—Value+ Group A Streptococcus Antigen Test Strip is a rapid immunochromatographic assay for the qualitative detection of group A streptococcal antigen directly from throat swab specimens. 

The test is intended for use in the physician’s offices, hospitals, and clinical laboratories as an aid in the clinical diagnosis of group A streptococcal infection.

Accutest® Uriscreen


Accutest Uriscreen™ is a rapid screening test which combines the detection of both bacteriuria and pyuria (the presence of somatic cells in urine), by detecting catalase activity (an enzyme present in many eukaryotic cells. 


Accutest Uriscreen™ provides physicians' offices, clinical laboratories and outpatient sites with a rapid and accurate screening method for urinary tract infections.


Accutest Uriscreen's negative predictive value (NPV) of  95, is higher than the NPV of the urine dipstick. Accutest Uriscreen™ is a cost-effective, screening procedure, which can be used to complement conventional culture methods.

Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for screening of UTI in physicians’ offices, long term and urgent care settings.

  • Efficient way to screen out negative specimens and determine need for further testing.

  • Early diagnosis prevents unnecessary treatment and minimizes costly complications of UTI.

  • Visual results within 2 minutes

  • Easy to use; requires no instrumentation

  • Perfect UTI screen for outpatient settings

  • Improved performance over routine urinalysis

  • Exceptionally sensitive for low bacterial counts

  • (5x104 CFU/ml at 93% sensitivity)

  • Early diagnosis prevents unnecessary treatment and minimizes costly complications of UTI

  • CPT Code: 81007QW

Accustrip URS Reader and Strips


The Accustrip URS Reader is a reflection photometer for the analysis of the Accustrip URS-10 urine test strips. When measurements are performed under standardized conditions, measured values may be displayed, printed and transferred to a computer. The instrument is designed for in-vitro diagnostic use (IVD) and should be used by healthcare professionals. 

  • Non-touch Strip Analysis

  • Easy to Use

  • Optimized Patient Data Management

  • Great Design and Functionality

  • Simple Touch Screen Operation


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