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NOWDiagnostics, Inc.

1200 Stewart Pl.  Springdale, AR 72764

Phone:  479.966.4530




NOWDiagnostics Inc., based in Springdale, Ark., is a leader in innovative diagnostics testing. Its ADEXUSDx® product line features a lab at your fingertip, using a single drop of blood to test for a variety of common conditions, illnesses, and diseases with results in a matter of minutes.


By eliminating the need to send tests to off-site laboratories, NOWDiagnostics has the potential to decrease the waiting period to determine test results by days. The company’s Springdale, Ark., facility was officially registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in December 2014. The company is currently offering an hCG (pregnancy) test in the United States and Europe as well as three cardiac (heart attack) tests and three toxicology tests in Europe. Additional tests are in the development pipeline, including sexually transmitted diseases, more cardiac (heart attack), food intolerances, common infectious diseases, and a variety of screening tests.


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ADEXUS Dx Rapid hCG Assay

Detect sooner than urine-based hCG tests*



  • >99% sensitivity and specificity1

  • Reduced exposure to liability from false negatives2


  • Results in 10 minutes, no waiting on urine samples

  • Increased patient throughput


  • No reagents or buffers

  • Decreased potential for user error

  • Uses capillary blood, plasma or serum

FDA Cleared  | CLIA Waiver Pending


* Based on our cutoff, pregnancy can be detected at 10 mIU/mL. Depending on the woman and the pregnancy, this can be days earlier than urine-based hCG tests.


1 Capillary Blood Sensitivity >99% compared to clinically confirmed pregnancy diagnosis. Capillary Blood Specificity >99% compared to clinically confirmed non-pregnant women


2 In a March 2015 report in Clinical Chemistry, Robert N. Nerenz and Ann M. Gronowski detailed their evaluation of 11 common POC hCG urine-based devices and determined that 9 of the 11 were susceptible to false-negative results.


General overview of technology

Training video for finger stick administration Training video if using a transfer device
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