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Nexus Dx, Inc.

6759 Mesa Ridge Road

Suite 100

San Diego CA 92121

1-888-35 HEART (43278)

Corporate Description:

Nexus Dx is a dynamic new clinical diagnostics company working to improve patient care by providing the medical community with rapid and reliable information at the Point of Care (POC). Initial products include both qualitative and quantitative cardiac assays. The mission of Nexus Dx is to enhance the health and well being of people around the world by providing quality test information when and where it is most needed.  For Customer Service or Technical Support: 1-888-35 HEART (43278)

Cardiac STATus  I  Benefits and Procedures  I  Reimbursement

Cardiac STATus Delivers Critical Information Accurately and Reliably

When and Where It Is Needed Most!


The Cardiac STATus line of products features Point of Care tests for cardiac markers.

The tests are available in two formats:

  • Cardiac STATus Myoglobin/Troponin I/CK-MB Tandem Test, and

  • Cardiac STATus Troponin I Test

ACCURATE Combination of polyclonal & monoclonal antibodies capture more fragmented forms of cTnI to enhance sensitivity
RELIABLE Proven, sensitive and specific lateral flow technology
FAST Troponin I, CK-MB and Myoglobin results in ~15 minutes
EASY Whole blood, serum and plasma
  3-step procedure
SIMPLE No sample tube decapping
  No daily QC or calibration
  No instrument required
  No product refrigeration
  No confusion - avoids managing and maintaining different numeric results, reference ranges and cutoffs between different instruments/methods used at the point of care vs. central lab

Cardiac STATus is the Front Line Test for the Rapid Disposition of NSTEMIs



  • Initiate testing simultaneously with ECG

  • Get results synchronous with ECG findings

  • Move NSTEMI patients into the treatment pathway in 15 minutes


A Simple, 3-Step Procedure:

Use the included sample transfer device to collect heparinized blood directly from a collection tube and dispense in the sample well without opening the tube. After a 15 minute incubation, read results.


Dispense Sample Wait 15 minutes Read Results

Reimbursement Information:


The CPT codes provided are based on AMA coding guidelines and are for informational purposes only. Selection of appropriate codes is the sole responsibility of the billing party. Providers should check with their contracted payers for appropriate codes prior to submitting claims.


CPT Code Description National Average: 2010

Troponin Qualitative





83874 Myoglobin


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