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Aerscher Diagnostics
125 Dixon Drive
Chestertown, MD 21620
Phone: 866-425-7468

HemaPrompt FG (fecal and gastric occult blood) (Procedures)     HemaPrompt (fecal occult blood) (Procedures)
Test Menu: Fecal occult blood/gastric occult blood
CPT Codes:    82270: Fecal occult blood (HemaPrompt, HemaPrompt FG)
82273: Gastric occult blood (HemaPrompt FG)
Test Methodology: Guaiac-based with developer built into each test card.  Pulling a tab on the card after specimen application dispenses developer.
Units in which test result is reported: Positive or negative
Sample Volume: A smear of the specimen to be tested
Time to result: 1 minute
CLIA Classification: Waived
Other: This Occult Blood testing product features the developer solution built -in to each slide individually, and is dispensed by pulling a tab on the slide.  HemaPrompt FG has ability to test either fecal or gastric specimens.
  • Portability
  • Avoidance of cross- contamination
  • No developer bottle to lose, misplace or misuse
  • Standardized amount of developer solution
  • Same lot number for developer solution and slide
  • Only one item to stock
  • HemaPrompt FG-only one test kit needed for 2 specimen types
  • HemaPrompt FG has removable label for result charting purposes
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