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9975 Summers Ridge Rd.
San Diego, CA  92121
Phone: (888) BIOSITE  (246-7483)



The epoc® Blood Analysis System is the cost-effective POC testing solution, easily integrated into any critical care setting. It delivers accurate and actionable blood gas, electrolyte and metabolite test results at the bedside to enable timely clinical decisions and improve the delivery of patient care while reducing operational costs.

INSTRUMENT: epoc® Blood Analysis System


  • Lower operational costs vs. alternatives

  • Single-use, room temperature test card storage

  • Free up laboratory resources

  • Improve operational efficiencies

  • Wireless communication of real-time test results

  • Remove time consuming hand-offs

  • Automated, built-in QC/QA

  • Portable, customizable and easily integrated into clinical workflow

  • Focus on patient care and make more timely clinical decisions

  • Improve documentation and results management


  • 9 Analytes on 1 Test Card: pH, pCO2, pO2, Na+, K+, Ca++, Glu, Hct, Lac

  • Calculated values: cHCO3-, cTCO2, BE(ecf), BE(b), cSO2 and cHgb

  • Results in about 30 seconds

  • Room temperature test card storage

  • Critical result reporting

  • Test Card and patient ID barcoding

  • Test with 92 μL fresh whole blood

  • Operator / EQC lockouts

  • Transmit results securely in real time

  • Web-based epoc® Data Manager

  • HL7 Interface to LIS/HIS

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