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Radiometer America, Inc

810 Sharon Dr

Westlake OH 44145



Radiometer is a leading provider of diagnostic solutions for acute care testing. Our instruments are used in the laboratory as well as the clinical areas of the hospital, including emergency rooms, intensive care units, surgical departments and respiratory departments. Our mission is to make acute care testing simpler by expediting turnaround time, streamlining workflow and reducing the risk of errors. To help you achieve that, our solutions simplify and automate key processes in acute care testing, leaving you with the time and confidence to focus on what matters most: patient care.



ABL90 FLEX (website)


Fast and always ready

  • Results in 35 seconds on 17* acute care parameters

  • High uptime of 23.5 hours per day

  • High throughput of 44 samples per hour


Flexibility and portability

  • 100-, 300-, 600- and 900-test cassettes

  • Small footprint, lightweight and portable

  • Optional battery and WiFi

  • Small sample volume of 65 μL for all parameters

  • Syringe, capillary and test tube without adapter


Intuitively simple and easy to use

  • Step-by-step on-screen user guidance

  • Built-in automatic and standardized sample mixing prior to analysis with safePICO


No maintenance, just replacements

  • Long in-use lifetime of consumables

  • Smart chips simplify installation


Automatic quality management

  • Sample quality checks

  • Three dedicated QC solutions – “QC ampoules in a bag”

  • Continuous system and analysis checks

  • Automated corrective actions

  • Automated solution pack verification



  • Ethernet or wireless connectivity

  • HL7, ASTM and POCT1-A standard protocols for LIS, HIS and middleware



  • pH | pCO2 | pO2 | sO2 | ctHb | FO2Hb | FCOHb | FMetHb | FHHb | FHbF | cK+ | cNa+ | cCa2+ | cCl- | cGlu | cLac | nBil*


*Bilirubin pending FDA clearance in the USA





  • ABL80 FLEX


  •  ABL80 FLEX CO-OX (OSM version)

The ABL80 FLEX Series comes in different models to meet different diagnostic needs. The ABL80 FLEX and the ABL80 FLEX CO-OX provide quality, reliability and comprehensive features in a compact blood gas and acute care analyzer. The ABL80 FLEX CO-OX (OSM version) is a whole-blood oximeter with full connectivity and no sample prep or cuvette handling for the cath lab.


Fast TAT at the point of care

  • 60-second measurement time

  • 100-second cycle time (sample to sample)

  • Start-up time ~8 minutes after change of cassette

  • Sample volume of only 65-105 µL of whole blood across the series


Ease of use

  • Customizable user interface

  • Automated entry and logging of consumables enabled via smart chips

  • Simple and fast replacement of consumables

  • Fast and accurate data input with integrated barcode scanner


Automatic quality control

  • Three levels of aqueous QC material spanning a broad portion of the reportable range

  • Continual system and analysis checks

  • Levey-Jennings plots for easy graphical overview


Full flexibility

  • The small size fits anywhere – footprint only 9 x 11 in (22 x 28 cm)

  • Weighs only 19 lbs (8.5 kg) – carry or move it on a rolling stand

  • Several parameter panels and test volumes make it suitable for a variety of testing sites

  • Fully operational on battery


Connectivity and seamless IT integration

  • Ethernet network connection ensures easy documentation

  • All common communication protocols, including POCT1-A

  • Data back-up with USB ports





  • pH | pCO2 | pO2 | Hct | cK+ cNa+ | cCa2+ | cCI– | cGlu


  • pH | pCO2 | pO2 | sO2 | ctHb | FO2Hb FCOHb | FMetHb | FHHb | Hct | cK+ cNa+ | cCa2+ | cCI– | cGlu

ABL80 FLEX CO-OX (OSM version)

  • sO2 | ctHb | FO2Hb | FCOHb | FMetHb | FHHb




Automatically identify, mix and measure samples

  • FLEXQ module automatically identifies, mixes and measures up to three samples in succession

  • Automated identification and mixing reduce risk of operator errors

  • Samples are automatically conveyed to the inlet and aspirated into the analyzer, so operators are free to return to their patients


Get lab-quality results at the point of care

  • Full CO-oximetry with interference correction/suppression

  • Automatic measurement and suppression of interferences from fetal hemoglobin, bilirubin, intralipids and sulfhemoglobin

  • No interference from Evans Blue and Cardio Green on oximetry results

  • Accurate glucose and lactate measurements

  • Fully automated micromodes ensure accuracy of very small samples

  • FLEXMODE ensures high sample success rate of precious capillary samples by providing the highest number of parameters as reliably possible


Achieve maximum control and efficiency

  • Automatic result processing, test ordering and transmission to the LIS system

  • Automatic data archiving and customizable layout

  • Data backup with USB drives

  • USB ports for easy connection of flash drives, keyboards, etc.

  • Hospital network integration through ASTM and HL7 standard communication protocols or via RADIANCE



pH | pCO2 | pO2 | sO2 | ctHb | FO2Hb FCOHb | FMetHb | FHHb | FHbF | cK+ cNa+ | cCa2+ | cCI– | cGlu | cLac | cCrea | ctBil | pleural fluid pH

safePICO sampler (website)

 Reduce the risk of needle-stick injuries

  • One-hand-operation of safety device allows safe removal of needles

Quickly remove air bubbles and avoid contact with patient blood

  • The safeTIPCAP simplifies the removal of air bubbles
  • Once air bubbles have been expelled, the sample is sealed for anaerobic transport
  • The risk of contact with patient blood is limited; ABL analyzers sample through the safeTIPCAP

Ensure fast and proper mixing with integrated mixing device

  • The integrated metal ball works as a mixing device, ensuring correct results, especially for Hb and fast mixing of the sample prior to analysiS

Correctly identify samples with safePICO’s unique barcode ID

  • safePICO is prebarcoded, making it easy to identify samples correctly (PSID)

safePICO Mixer

  • Ensure a thorough and uniform mixing from sample to sample by using the safePICO Mixer.
  • For use with ABL analyzers that do not have a built-in automated mixer

Avoid preanalytical errors

  • Radiometer’s free Blood Gas Preanalytics app gives you information on sampling techniques to help avoid preanalytical errors. The app is available for the Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.

CLINITUBES (website)

Capillaries available in glass and non-PVC plastic

Size options

  • Variety of sizes match sample-volume requirements of individual analyzers

Draw blood samples quickly, easily and safely

  • Unique surface treatment ensures fast filling of plastic capillary tubes
  • Mixing wires provide optimal mixing of the sample, minimizing risk of clotting
  • Plastic capillary samplers eliminate risk of breakage, staff injury and contamination


Secure sample quality

  • Uniform heparin coating ensures homogeneous sample quality
  • Glass capillary samplers secures airtight storage and reliable pO2 results
  • High concentration of Radiometer's patented electrolyte-balanced heparin ensures reliable results
Clot catchers available as an extra precaution to avoid clotting

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