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June 28, 2000

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New Frontiers in
POCT  Connectivity

December 12, 2001

At our December 12, 2001 Meeting, we invited today's leading connectivity suppliers to present their point-of-care data management solutions.  Each vendor had an opportunity to speak on what they felt was important to the POCC audience.  

There were approximately 78 individuals present at this meeting.  It was informative and there was plenty of time for exchanging of information and asking questions. 

KEYPOCC Co-founders (left to right): Peter Gawron, Andi Stoner, Chris Fetters, Marcy Anderson and Rick Lebo.

Click on the links below for a summary of each vendor's presentation:

Abbott LaboratoriesRoche DiagnosticsMedical Automation SystemsTelcor

Following the presentations, a business review meeting  was held. 

Click here for a summary of that part of the meeting.

Data Management Presentation Review

What POCCs want

  • Lock-out features

  • Reliable entry of correct reagent info

  • Electronic QC

  • Timely reports to nurse managers

  • Tracking of meter uploads

  • Tracking of incorrect ids

  • Easy and robust upload process

  • Reduction in time spent reviewing data


What Hospitals want

  • Automated data capture and integration

  • Automated control of users

  • Error reductions in patient testing

  • Revenue tracking

  • Automated regulatory compliance

Anthony also touched on security issues and benefits of connectivity.  He pinpointed the benefits of Precision Net which include: 

  1. All QC transmits to the control data base
  2. Bi-directional
  3. Interface features with ADT/HIS
  4. QC manager and 5X software
  5. Interface manager
  6. Dedicated connectivity POC team.
  7. Largest number of field reps.
  8. Menu expansion
  9. 90 day interface guarantee (go live)

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DATACARE Systems - Connecting your Hospital into the Future 

Leif Sorensen, Product Manager of IT for Hospital Systems, Roche Diagnostics then spoke about the evolving POCT environment.  He stressed that each POCC must determine the needs of his/her institution by looking at the infrastructure and working directly with the Hospital IT department.  He pointed out that Roche has IT sales consultants. Roche Diagnostics is working with non-Roche companies to provide data management solutions in the POCC setting.  The benefits of the Datacare system discussed by Leif were:

  1. The Roche name
  2. Industry leader
  3. Use of IT consultants
  4. Provide data management solutions for outpatient and inpatients
  5. Looking to the future at wireless and internet applications
  6. Open database

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RALS Plus - Vendor Independent Information Management Solution

Christine Ciaverelli,  Director of Sales, Medical Automation Systems gave a global overview of the company and the Remote Automated Laboratory System (RALS) technology.  She discussed how the various departments within the organization work together as a team:  from Sales/Marketing to Installation and Training, Tech Support and Engineering and New Business Development.  She pointed out that MAS is vendor neutral and was able to provide an exact account of the vendor relationships currently in place within her organization.  In addition to the same features and functions listed above by Abbott and Roche Chris discussed the areas of:


  1. HIPPA

  2. Manual tests and how the RALS-Plus software addresses this

  3. Future browser-based technology

  4. Utilization of previous POCCs to train customers on the software

She showed the commitment that MAS has to POCT through the development of POCC groups throughout the country.  Finally there was an actual software demonstration which touted the ease of use and features of the software.  Results and their customizable filtering capabilities were shown.  Reports were displayed focusing on the Levey Jennings charts and the automatic QC calculations. 

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Life Scan/ Telcor QML
Becky Clark, Executive Vice President, TELCOR Inc. gave an overall description of who Telcor is and how they focus on solutions for different types of vendors with their QML line of products and services.  They have a variety of modules that are available to pick and choose from depending upon the needs of your institution. Each module has a different price range.  There is also tech support packages from which an institution can choose.  Becky demonstrated the Telcor QML software and showed how it can have a different view depending upon the instrument selected.  There were a variety of filters available to sift through results

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Business Meeting Review

We met afterwards and had a brief business meeting.  Wendy VanDyke will be hosting the next meeting in March.  She has heard about several vendors who are interested in helping.  Vendors such as:

  • IL

  • ITC

  • Biosite

  • Medtronics

Once the KEYPOCC officers are chosen and meet in January, this March meeting’s agenda will be finalized.  The voting for the officers will end on the 31 of December and the announcement will be made at the first of the year.  

We discussed the meeting of the day.  Most all of the comments were positive.  We all enjoyed hearing about the various choices in Data Management/Connectivity.  It was great to see and hear the representatives from the big players.  The software demonstrations were extremely well received.  It was educational as well as interactive. 

In the future, such a meeting would benefit by having only two vendors show their wares.  We all agreed that our attention span was waning by the forth presentation.


Other ideas for future meetings included: 

1.       Triponin I and BNP education

2.       A panel of different POCCs presenting a specific PI project or initiative that demonstrates the experience he/she has gained in order to benefit other POCCs.

3.       A single POCC presenting a problem and/or project that has been resolved and has made him/her an expert.


Jennifer mentioned that PinnacleHealth will probably host the three part audio-conference.  More information on that will be provided later. 

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