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June 28, 2000

September 27, 2000

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September 26, 2001

December 12, 2001

When:   Wednesday, June 27, 2001
Where:  Hershey Medical Center, Hershey, PA

Business Meeting Notes from the June 2001 KEYPOCC Meeting

POCT Connectivity: 

The Vanguard of Lab Informatics

Jay Jones - Geisinger

The meeting was hosted by Geisinger Health Systems and LifeScan Corp. The opening speaker was Dr. Jay Jones from Geisinger who charged KEYPOCC members as being the vanguard for POCT connectivity.  Dr. Jones spoke about four areas of progress:

  1. Integrating with the medical record

  2. Web-enabled “Front-end” (Portals)

  3. Reducing Medical Records

  4. Entering new client arenas

Dr Jones states we need a robust, easy-to-maintain LIS that must be integrated into WANs and be the “source of truth” feeder system to the EMR. He further believes that lab results will increasingly be reported to the EMR at the point of service via convenient user views (GUI, web, PDA’s wireless) Geisinger Health System is working steadily toward a fully implemented informatics system utilizing EpicCare.  

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Becky Clarke - Telcor

The second speaker was Becky Clarke, representative from Telcor – POCT Data/Interface Management.  Telcor has a partner program with LifeScan providing expertise of product managing with data management. Ms Clarke stated that other analytes at the point of care are not as sophisticated as the current glucose meters hence, we must be aware of different hardware, device compliance and operator compliance.  She explained that we need one consolidated system that is capable of uploading results report operator performance and also have a consolidated way of reporting upload compliance for all devices from all areas.  Furthermore, the application must be flexible to be able to accommodate various device functions and be able to review QC efficiently in its entirety or by selected devices.  The system also must allow good set-up parameters that would allow single operator compliance by device types with consolidated electronic re-certification tracking.

Ms Clarke further explained that this consolidated system is capable of keeping up-to-the-minute status on your entire POCC program. That the same user interface would be accessible for blood gas or glucose and provides streamline support as a POCC would only have to learn one system.  This system should also have a consistent look and feel for all POCT results with a single process for documenting POCT activities.  It should provide electronic notes and operational logs that could apply across all POCT. This consolidated system should have a single interface to the host HIS.

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Todd Williams - Lifescan

Todd Williams a local sales representative for LifeScan introduced the new consumer glucose meter, One Touch Ultra that allows alternative forearm site testing.

Future topics:

  • Comparing other players in the connectivity solution; DataCare, Rapid Link, MAS.

  • Standards and regulations such as ISO, 6Sigma, NCCLS

  • Changes in new standards from JCAHO and CAP for POCT

  • Billing

  • Web-based resources

  • POCT form 3rd world countries

Future Meetings

September 26, 2001   Hershey Medical Center
December 12, 2001  Ephrata

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