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As many of you may have seen or heard, after 16 years, the Tri-State POC Network held its final face-to-face meeting on October 19, 2016.
For years the group provided a place for POCCs and laboratorians to network with peers, learn about the latest trends in POCT and hear current topics from outstanding speakers.
A great deal of the success goes to the many POCCs, vendor sponsors and great speaker who made each meeting informative, educational and fun!
A New Group for the state of Illinois?  


While the Tri-State POC Network will no longer meet, a group of POCCs are considering the development of a new group, focusing more on POCCs in the state of Illinois and even under a new name. The thought is to continue to meet in the fall as the TriMark POCT Conference (yes there was some confusion with the Trimark and Tri-State names) looks to continue to plan a meeting in the Countryside, IL area in May.

To help us move forward with potential plans, please complete our short survey by Friday, July 7, 2017.

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Thank you in advance, and thank you once again to everyone who made the Tri-State POC Network one of the most successful and longest running groups in the country. Results will be tabulated and posted on this website.
Mission Statement Serving Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan, our meetings will provide an excellent educational opportunity for all who attend. At each meeting you will hear guest speakers bringing us valuable information on today's Point of Care issues.  There will also be vendors displaying and presenting their products.  We will also provide round table discussions on some "HOT" Point of Care topics. The mission of the Tri-State Point of Care Network is to support and maintain the integrity of the POC coordinator's goal, which is to give the highest quality patient care in this rapidly growing field.  Through this network, POC professionals from Illinois, Indiana,  Michigan, and Wisconsin, will have the opportunity to share ideas, information and practices and to collaborate on new technologies and trends in Point of Care testing.

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